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    Criminal Defense Process: Steps to Take After Being Arrested

    Being arrested and charged with crimes is a daunting and frightening experience. Those facing the intimidating tactics of law enforcement officers sometimes forget their legal rights. That’s often the point of these tactics. Suspects may even be tricked or bullied into giving up their rights to prove they are willing to cooperate with law enforcement. Being arrested does not mean […]

    Definition of Treason

    Few charges carry as much weight or gravity as treason. Despite its profound significance, actual cases of treason are exceptionally rare, especially in contemporary times. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the U.S. has convicted fewer than 12 Americans of federal treason in U.S. history. How Does the U.S. Define Treason? Treason is considered one of the most […]

    Parole vs. Probation

    If you’re facing criminal charges in Nevada, the possibility of parole or probation can offer a lifeline. Maybe you’re already experiencing the benefits of these alternatives to prison, but you’re concerned about meeting all the conditions. Or perhaps you believe you violated the terms of your release and feel worried about a revocation of your parole or probation status. These […]

    What Is Beyond Reasonable Doubt?

    Every person accused of a crime in America enters the courtroom with rights. Rights to fairness, representation, and, importantly, the presumption of innocence. Prosecutors must overcome this presumption to convict individuals of crimes. To do so, they must meet a daunting standard: “proof beyond a reasonable doubt.” This phrase is more than mere words. It’s the bedrock of our criminal […]

    Nevada Squatter Rights Information 

    If you are moderately familiar with renting or buying real estate, you may have heard of squatters. Squatters are individuals who gain access to a vacant or unoccupied property and reside in an empty dwelling without permission. In Nevada, squatters may attempt to legally gain the rights to the property through an adverse possession claim if a property owner does […]

    A Guide to Oakland Fall Fun: 9 Fantastic Oakland Experiences

    Welcome to the ultimate guide to fall fun in Oakland! As the leaves start to change and the air becomes crisp, Oakland comes alive with a plethora of exciting activities and events. Whether you’re a long-time resident or new to the area, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. From pumpkin patches and haunted houses to fall festivals and scenic hikes, […]

    What Is Money Laundering?

    When criminals earn money through illegal activity, such as drug distribution or organized crime, they usually cannot use their profits for legitimate purposes until they can conceal that their funds came from criminal activity. Criminals use a process known as money laundering to hide the fact that their money came from illegal ventures. Get a Free Consultation However, the law […]

    Questions a Judge Asks During a Preliminary Hearing

    The preliminary hearing is one of the criminal justice system’s safeguards against wrongful prosecution. Preliminary hearings require prosecutors to prove to the trial court’s satisfaction that the prosecution has enough evidence to convince a jury that a crime occurred and that the defendant charged with the crime committed it. While preliminary hearings usually involve presentations of evidence and witness testimony, […]

    Burglary vs. Robbery

    You aren’t considering the details when you’ve been arrested for or charged with a crime. You are thinking about the big picture. What does conviction mean for me? What are the potential consequences? How do I protect myself and my reputation? However, details matter. People are often confused by the criminal justice system because words that are typically interchangeable in […]

    What Is False Imprisonment?

    The criminal justice system is complicated. Authorities and prosecutors often use legal jargon when talking to people arrested for or charged with a crime. However, it can be challenging to understand what you are up against without a clear understanding of this jargon. Making statements without a clear understanding of what is happening or what a specific charge means can […]