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    What leads to disorderly conduct charges?

    There are times when anyone can lose their cool or get a little out of hand. Maybe you’re yelling at an opposing fan too loudly or arguing with a family member in public. What happens when the police are called to intervene? If you’re disturbing the peace in Nevada, you can be charged with disorderly conduct. What Is Disorderly Conduct? […]

    Where to satisfy sushi cravings in Las Vegas

    Are you on the lookout for your new favorite sushi spot? There’s a great selection of dining options if you feel like enjoying some sushi in Las Vegas, and you don’t have to go to the tourist spots on the Strip to find them. Here’s a look at some of the hot sites around town offering some high-quality Japanese food […]

    Who can apply for permanent residency?

    Many people immigrate to the United States for various reasons, often seeking a better life than what they had in their home country. Whatever the reason you decide that you want to make the U.S. your home, there are several steps to obtaining permanent residency, and not everyone is eligible. You will need to know the process as well as […]

    Staycation Ideas in Las Vegas

    Las Vegas is famous for its glitz, glamour, and gambling. People from all over flock to the bright lights for an array of entertainment options and the chance to win some money. Living in the Entertainment Capital of the World, sometimes the lights and noise can be overwhelming. To get a little peace and quiet, disconnect from technology, and reconnect […]

    Las Vegas Gun Laws

    Gun laws vary from state to state and sometimes even in locations within the state. As a gun owner, it’s your job to know and understand the gun laws that apply to you. Gun laws cover everything from who can own a gun, how long of a wait is involved when purchasing a gun to whether you can carry your […]

    Experience the Art Scene in Las Vegas

    Although Las Vegas, Nevada, is known for its glitz, glamour, gambling, and buffets, there are many other aspects that make it a wonderful place to live in and visit. In Vegas, you get to experience culture a little and view some art, with many places introducing you to the right amount of education and enlightenment. Visit the art galleries to […]

    Who can sponsor immigration?

    If you have a close family member applying for permanent residency in the United States, they’re going to need a sponsor. While you may sponsor certain people wishing to immigrate, some rules and regulations must be followed. At De Castroverde, our attorneys are well-educated in the complex laws surrounding sponsorship for immigration. If you have questions such as who can […]

    Fun Fall Activities in Las Vegas

    Las Vegas in the fall is a great time to find activities and events to take the family to for a fun time. While you’ll find lots of things to do on the strip, including thrill rides and one-of-a-kind experiences, there’s also plenty of traditional fall activities and events for families to enjoy. You can also find some date-night fall […]

    Halloween in Las Vegas: Where to Go

    No one does Halloween quite like Las Vegas, and there’s no better time than Halloween 2021 to mask up and have some socially distanced family-friendly fun. Vegas knows how to celebrate, starting right at October 1st with events happening all month until Halloween night on October 31st. Here are just a few Las Vegas Halloween favorites from De Castroverde Criminal […]

    Can you get arrested for marijuana possession in Las Vegas?

    Laws regarding marijuana, both medicinal and recreational, vary from state to state. It’s important to know and understand the laws in Las Vegas before visiting or settling into a new home so that you can make informed decisions about marijuana use. Even when marijuana is legal, there are often stipulations imposed on its use. Can You Be Arrested for Marijuana […]