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    10 Things to Know When Immigrating to Another Country

    There are many reasons to move overseas. Whether you’re looking to explore employment opportunities, attend a stellar university, or reconnect with your roots, relocating to another country requires a bit of advanced planning. So if you’re ready to pack up the house and make arrangements, exploring the ins and outs of the process before you leave is essential. Here are […]

    How to Sponsor An Immigrant

    If a friend, family member, or another person close to you is looking to relocate to the United States on a permanent basis, you can help them achieve that by offering to sponsor them. This essentially means that you commit to helping the respective person or group of people by providing financial assistance if they require it. The general purpose […]

    What Happens If You Call Immigration On Someone?

    If you’ve ever been concerned with someone’s immigration status, you may have considered calling or contacting immigration authorities. Contacting these agencies is a serious matter that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It may seem overwhelming, especially if you’re not sure of the potential consequences or worried about your safety, and it’s normal to have questions about the process. Below, we explore […]

    Can Illegal Immigrants Vote In Nevada?

    The foundation of a democratic society is voting. As the election season approaches, many people are curious about who is eligible to vote in Nevada. This is a common question, especially among immigrants or noncitizens. With so much talk about immigration, it’s essential to know the eligibility criteria and the documentation needed to vote in Nevada. Below, we explore the […]

    What is Qualified Immunity?

    Qualified immunity is a legal doctrine that creates space for public officials to carry out their duties without always having to worry about being sued for their decisions. The goal of qualified immunity is to balance holding a public official accountable for reckless or negligent decisions involving violations of constitutional rights while shielding their reasonable everyday decisions from liability. Without […]

    Filing for health insurance as a lawfully present immigrant

    As a lawfully present immigrant, you might wonder how to apply for health insurance in the United States. Your options will depend on your immigration status, as well as whether or not you have a job that offers private insurance. Our De Castroverde team explores the nuances of filing for health insurance as a lawfully present immigrant. What’s a Lawfully […]

    What Is the Board of Immigration Appeals?

    The path to becoming a temporary immigrant or permanent resident of the United States and then legally maintaining that status can seem long and challenging. Sometimes, the decisions you hope for from federal immigration officials on your requests for immigration status don’t go your way. The good news is, under U.S. immigration law, you may have the right to an […]

    What do you need when applying for a foreign work visa?

    Working abroad can be just the thing you’re looking for the add some adventure to your life. Whether you’ve just graduated college or you’ve been working for a few years, there’s no wrong time to explore the world by living and working in a different country. It’s an opportunity to expand your interests and experiences while meeting new people and […]

    What Is the Title 42 Immigration Law?

    United States immigration policy was already changing dramatically before the COVID-19 pandemic. Trump Administration officials had campaigned on the need to make changes both in border enforcement of illegal immigration and the approach to legal immigration. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated some of these changes. Fearing that illegal immigration would contribute to the further spread of the virus, immigration and public […]

    5 Most Common Reasons for Deportation

    Gaining entry into the U.S. as an immigrant, or even via a non-immigrant visa, requires patience and determination. It’s a significant accomplishment that sometimes can take years to complete. Unfortunately, it’s also an accomplishment that is easily undone. Violating U.S. immigration regulations can result in the government deciding to begin deportation proceedings against you. These proceedings tend to move pretty […]