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    Nevada DUI Penalties

    Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol puts lives at risk. It also carries serious legal consequences. In Nevada, an arrest and conviction on charges of driving under the influence can lead to jail or prison time, a significant fine, and the loss of your license for an extended period. The best way to protect yourself is not to […]

    How Long Is a DUI on My Driving Record in Nevada?

    According to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), if you get convicted of driving under the influence (DUI), the DUI will permanently stay on your driving record in Nevada. However, if the DUI offense stayed on a misdemeanor level, you may be able to apply for a record seal after seven years have passed since your case settled. If […]

    Can you get charged with DUI days later?

    When you get behind the wheel after having a few cocktails, you’re taking a chance with your safety and the safety of others, as well as risking the possibility of being pulled over by police. If you’ve been drinking and manage to make it home or another destination without incidence, are you safe from being charged with a DUI? Or, […]