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    Gambling Laws for Sporting Events

    Legalized sports betting, once largely in the province of Nevada, has expanded dramatically over the last few years. Starting in 2018, three-fifths of states enacted laws allowing residents and visitors within their borders to wager on their sport of choice. Perhaps more profoundly, many states have also allowed mobile betting, capitalizing on the use of handheld applications to grow interested. […]

    What To Do if a Family Member Is Wrongfully Detained

    Police and prosecutors have the awesome power to enforce the law and protect the public by punishing those who break it. The law enforcement personnel who follow the rules of their vocation to the letter are a credit to their profession and model public servants. Unfortunately, they aren’t perfect. Police and prosecutors make plenty of mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes are […]

    What Happens if I Miss Jury Duty in Nevada?

    Everyone in the United States over the age of 18 is required to perform jury duty unless they qualify for an excuse or an exemption. Notice of jury duty can come by mail at any time, and no matter how inconvenient the timing may be, you are required to serve in the state of Nevada when summoned. If, however, you […]

    What to Do if Cops Come to Your House

    If cops come to your house, it’s important to remain calm and be polite. You do not have to answer any questions, and you should not consent to a search of your home without a warrant. If law enforcement officials ask to speak with you outside, you have the right to refuse. You can speak to them while safely inside […]

    Las Vegas, Nevada, Gun Laws

    Las Vegas, Nevada, gun laws outline the ability to openly carry a firearm, who can conceal carry, exceptions to these rules, and restrictions on some types of ammunition. You can learn about these laws in detail in this entry in our criminal defense blog. In addition, we discuss how violating one of these gun laws when committing another crime can […]

    Is it Illegal to Date a Minor in Nevada?

    In most cases, it is illegal to date a minor in Nevada, assuming that minor is under the age of 16. There are exceptions to this rule, though. It is legal for adults to date teenagers who are 16 or 17 years old. Adults who date minors under age 16 could face significant sex crimes charges, including statutory sexual seduction […]

    Age of Consent Laws in Nevada

    When it comes to the age of consent, Nevada follows strict laws that prohibit adults from engaging in sexual relations with a minor. In Nevada, the age of consent is 16. Anyone who engages in a sexual act with someone younger than that could be prosecuted for statutory rape. If you are convicted of statutory rape, there is significant jail […]

    What Can Lead to Resisting Arrest Charges?

    Encounters with law enforcement officers can be stressful, leading some people to resist arrest. Unfortunately, this action may result in separate criminal penalties in addition to your original charges. You might face fines, jail time, or even deportation if you’re a non-citizen. At the De Castroverde Law Group, we’re here to explain everything you need to know about resisting arrest […]

    Will A Speeding Ticket Violate My Probation?

    Most of the time, a speeding ticket won’t violate your probation, so it should not be a source of alarm. However, because a speeding ticket may violate the terms of your probation in certain circumstances, you should contact your Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after receiving a ticket. What Is a Violation of Probation? According to […]

    Nevada’s Sex Offender Classification Guide

    Are you looking to better understand the Nevada sex offender classification system? Have you been charged with a crime? If these are concerns you are facing, you might have some questions for a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney. If you have already been convicted of a sex offense, you might have concerns about your tier-level risk assessment. This assessment is […]