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    At what age can someone be tried as an adult?

    If your child has committed a crime in the state of Nevada, it’s important to get professional legal help right away. Depending on the circumstances of the crime, the child can be tried as either a juvenile or an adult. When tried as an adult, minors can be subjected to public trials and harsher sentencing guidelines. If you want to […]

    Can Someone Take Back Criminal Charges?

    The concept of pressing charges exists widely in popular culture via the influence of crime books, movies, and television programs. We believe that a victim has to want to press charges for a criminal case to proceed. As a result, one might wonder: Can someone take back criminal charges? And if they do, what happens next? The reality is more […]

    Can you get charged with DUI days later?

    When you get behind the wheel after having a few cocktails, you’re taking a chance with your safety and the safety of others, as well as risking the possibility of being pulled over by police. If you’ve been drinking and manage to make it home or another destination without incidence, are you safe from being charged with a DUI? Or, […]

    What leads to disorderly conduct charges?

    There are times when anyone can lose their cool or get a little out of hand. Maybe you’re yelling at an opposing fan too loudly or arguing with a family member in public. What happens when the police are called to intervene? If you’re disturbing the peace in Nevada, you can be charged with disorderly conduct. What Is Disorderly Conduct? […]