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    Bench Warrants: What to Do and How to Handle Them

    Bench warrants are a type of court order issued to bring an individual into court. In contrast to an arrest warrant, a bench warrant does not launch a criminal action – rather, it is issued because someone violated court rules, most often by failing to appear before the court as previously ordered.  Request a Legal Case Evaluation Understanding Bench Warrants […]

    What Is Considered Capital Murder?

    Capital murder is a general term for murder for which one may receive the death penalty. What constitutes capital murder varies from one jurisdiction to another. For example, capital murder in Nevada may not be the same crime in other states. Request a Legal Case Evaluation Definition and Legal Framework Capital murder only exists in states with capital punishment. As […]

    Unraveling the Consequences of Bad Check Offenses

    There are various reasons a person might unintentionally pass a bad check. For instance, perhaps they paid someone with a bad check because they genuinely didn’t know their account lacked the funds to cover it. Such a misunderstanding usually doesn’t result in legal trouble if you can correct the issue. However, some people pass or draw bad checks knowingly. In […]

    What Is the Two-Hour Rule for DUI in Nevada?

    All Nevada drivers should be aware of the two-hour rule’s potential impact on them. As part of their DUI laws, Nevada has the two-hour rule (codified in NRS 484C.110(c)) that allows law enforcement to test drivers’ blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels within two hours of the time they stop driving. The two-hour rule can directly affect potential DUI cases. Working […]

    Can Assault with a Deadly Weapon Charges Be Dropped?

    If you’ve been arrested for or charged with assault with a deadly weapon, you’re probably worried about possible consequences, like prison time and fines. At the same time, there’s the question of whether the charges can be dropped.  In some cases, the charges can be dropped. An example of this occurred in 2022 when Damon Arnette, a former Las Vegas […]

    Consequences of Criminal Charges for Non-U.S. Citizens

    To many, the United States represents hope, a beacon for new beginnings and aspirations. Yet, an immigrant’s journey in this country can sometimes involve unforeseen challenges. A momentary misstep leading to criminal charges can raise questions and anxieties. If you are a non-U.S. citizen facing criminal charges, you might wonder what this means for your future and whether the charges […]

    Violation of a Protective Order

    For people who have suffered domestic violence, protective orders play a pivotal role in safeguarding their rights and safety. These orders carry significant legal weight, signaling the need for respect and adherence. However, being accused of violating a protective order can force you into a legal dilemma. Request a Legal Case Evaluation At the De Castroverde Criminal & Immigration, our […]

    Standard of Proof in a Criminal Case

    Most of us have heard the terms “innocent until proven guilty” and “beyond a reasonable doubt” at some point. But when you’re facing criminal charges in Nevada, these legal terms take on a much more powerful and specific meaning. Understanding them is crucial to mounting an effective legal defense. Request a Legal Case Evaluation At De Castroverde Criminal & Immigration, […]

    Nevada Self-Defense Laws

    The line between legitimate self-defense and actions with potential legal repercussions can be blurry, especially in the heat of the moment. Self-defense laws, particularly in Nevada, have their own particular nuances and complexities. If you used force to defend yourself in a dangerous situation, you could face severe legal consequences, even if your actions seem justified. Request a Legal Case […]

    Criminal Defense Process: Steps to Take After Being Arrested

    Being arrested and charged with crimes is a daunting and frightening experience. Those facing the intimidating tactics of law enforcement officers sometimes forget their legal rights. That’s often the point of these tactics. Suspects may even be tricked or bullied into giving up their rights to prove they are willing to cooperate with law enforcement. Being arrested does not mean […]