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    What To Do if a Family Member Is Wrongfully Detained

    Police and prosecutors have the awesome power to enforce the law and protect the public by punishing those who break it. The law enforcement personnel who follow the rules of their vocation to the letter are a credit to their profession and model public servants. Unfortunately, they aren’t perfect. Police and prosecutors make plenty of mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes are […]

    What is a No Contest Plea?

    If you are charged with a crime, there are a few ways the process could unfold. The charges could be dismissed prior to you ever needing to appear in court, or you could enter a guilty plea to avoid a trial. If you face trial, the judge and jury will either find you guilty or not guilty of the charges […]

    False Criminal Accusations Lawyer in Las Vegas, NV

    Real crimes happen, but there are cases when someone falsely accuses another person of a crime. You could be formally charged with a crime that you did not commit. If the accusation is false, how do you stand up for yourself? When a person is falsely accused of a crime in Las Vegas, often they must resolve the matter by […]

    Assault vs Battery: What’s the Difference?

    Assault and battery may seem similar, but they actually describe two different legal violations. Not only are the violations different, but so are the potential penalties. If you have been charged with either assault or battery, or in the case that you were charged with both, you will want to know what each charge means and how to best handle […]

    Acquitted vs. Not Guilty: What’s the Difference?

    Being accused of a crime is a stressful and difficult experience. As you are on trial, unsure of what your future holds, you will be hoping that the jury will ultimately come to a verdict other than guilty. When this happens and there is no conviction, you will then be free to live your life. The jury’s verdict could determine […]

    Nevada Concealed Carry Firearm Laws

    Violating Nevada’s concealed carry firearm laws can land you in hot water. Understanding the rules and having the proper license is key to avoiding charges. You could face significantly increased penalties if you carried a concealed gun illegally while committing another crime. Learn more in this criminal defense blog. A Las Vegas criminal defense attorney from De Castroverde Criminal & […]

    Can Someone File Assault Charges Months Later?

    If someone is filing assault charges against you months after the incident, you may wonder if the case is even valid in court. Understanding Nevada law surrounding assault can help you understand your rights as a defendant and ensure you get adequate representation. In this guide, our team at De Castroverde breaks down everything you need to know about assault […]

    What is the difference between Larceny & Theft?

    One of Nevada’s most frequently charged crimes involves stealing: when someone takes property or services that do not belong to them without permission or paying for them. Depending on the context, you may hear this referred to in the law as theft and larceny. And you might wonder: Do these terms mean the same thing? In Nevada, the simple answer […]

    Vehicular Manslaughter vs. Vehicular Homicide

    Vehicular Manslaughter vs. Vehicular Homicide DUI charges on their own are already very serious, but when they are paired with an accident or death, the consequences are severe. The difference between vehicular manslaughter vs. vehicular homicide confuses many people, which leads to misunderstandings about the law and how these crimes are charged. Manslaughter Laws in Nevada Manslaughter (NRS § 200.040) […]

    What are the Different Types of Warrants?

    Despite the way they are sometimes portrayed on television or in the movies, arrests require police to follow a set of legal procedures under the supervision of a court. In most instances, arrests must be accompanied by a court-issued warrant. A warrant is a declaration that a judge has done a preliminary review of initial evidence and determined there is […]