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    Vehicular Manslaughter vs. Vehicular Homicide

    Vehicular Manslaughter vs. Vehicular Homicide DUI charges on their own are already very serious, but when they are paired with an accident or death, the consequences are severe. The difference between vehicular manslaughter vs. vehicular homicide confuses many people, which leads to misunderstandings about the law and how these crimes are charged. Manslaughter Laws in Nevada Manslaughter (NRS § 200.040) […]

    What are the Different Types of Warrants?

    Despite the way they are sometimes portrayed on television or in the movies, arrests require police to follow a set of legal procedures under the supervision of a court. In most instances, arrests must be accompanied by a court-issued warrant. A warrant is a declaration that a judge has done a preliminary review of initial evidence and determined there is […]

    What Is Criminal Solicitation?

    Most of Nevada’s criminal statutes involve someone who takes an overt action that the legislature considers illegal. Others, however, fall under a section of the criminal code that identifies what’s known as “inchoate” or “incomplete” crimes. Inchoate offenses comprise actions that by themselves would not be illegal, but go against the law because they are done to further some other […]

    What Is Truancy in Nevada?

    Truancy in Nevada is also known as chronic absenteeism, and it makes it hard for children to learn and perform well in school. According to the Truancy Prevention Outreach Program in Clark County, chronically absent students are less likely to succeed academically and more likely to drop out of school. The state has many programs and policies in place to […]

    Understanding a Capias in Nevada

    If you missed a court date, forgot to pay a fine, or otherwise violated a court order, there may be a capias, also known as a bench warrant, for your arrest. In some cases, people violate court orders, know about their capias, and just hope they do not get caught. But many people have no idea that they have an […]

    Top Tips for Those Involved in a Road Rage Incident

    In Las Vegas in April 2022, a road rage incident left one man dead. According to U.S. News & World Report, two men in two different cars got into a verbal argument while stopped at a red light at the intersection of Flamingo Road and South Jones Boulevard. They left their cars, got into a fistfight, and then one man […]

    Nevada’s Sex Offender Tiers – And What They Mean

    Individuals who are convicted of sex crimes in Nevada face serious punishment including prison sentences and fines. In addition, Nevada law requires sex offenders to add their names to a public database known as the Nevada State Sex Offender Registry. This database provides information about the whereabouts of convicted sex offenders. Its goal is to protect the public and serve […]

    The Differences between Assault and Battery in Nevada

    Assault and battery are often construed as one criminal act. However, an assault and a battery constitute separate, distinct crimes, differing in their elements and requirements for conviction. The elements of each crime will be presented and then compared, signifying the distinctions between each act, followed by a discussion on possible defenses to both assault and battery, and the steps […]

    Medical Marijuana and Firearm Possession in Nevada

    Two of the most highly debated subjects in the United States are gun possession and the regulation of marijuana. With states having their own laws on the matter, it can be unclear to know exactly what is legal. The coinciding use of medical marijuana and firearm possession in Nevada is a part of those confusing matters. For one, can you […]

    What Is Considered Public Indecency?

    As described by the law, most criminal offenses identify a perpetrator and a victim, where one person does something illegal to another person. Other crimes, though, are considered to have a broader impact on society and are defined as behavior that runs counter to the public order and general quality of life. These might be behaviors that disturb the peace, […]