Immigration Law FAQs

Few people relish the idea of having to hire an attorney. The law can be complicated — confusing at best, frightening at worst. At De Castroverde Law Group, we want to help take some of the stress out of the process by providing answers to frequently asked questions that might be keeping you up at night.

Quick Answers to Your Immigration Law Questions

The nation’s immigration system can seem daunting to access, whether you’re navigating the naturalization process and trying to become a citizen or simply coming here for a vacation, a job, or to study. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about immigration law:

How Do I Become a U.S. Citizen?

Foreign nationals who wish to become U.S. citizens must successfully navigate a lengthy naturalization process that involves many different steps. You first must gain entry to the country as a lawful permanent resident and live here for five years, including three months continuously in your preferred state of residence.

You also have to demonstrate good moral character, be free of serious criminal convictions and show a commitment to and understanding of the U.S. Constitution. You also have to read, write, and speak English and show you understand U.S. civics. The application process consists of 10 steps that include interviews with immigration officers. Read about the naturalization eligibility rules here.

How Do I Become a Lawful Permanent Resident?

You can gain lawful permanent resident status, also known as getting your Green Card, in a range of ways. You can become sponsored by certain employers for work, be deemed a refugee or asylum seeker, or be sponsored by a relative and go through the process at a consulate in your country. In general, it can take two to three years to obtain your Green Card.

What Is the Best Visa To Get To Become a Permanent U.S. Citizen?

Some visas, such as employment visas, are good for limited purposes and limited time. If your goal is to obtain U.S. citizenship, your best choice is to obtain what’s called an immigrant visa. Typically, this requires sponsorship by someone who’s already a citizen.

How Long Do Green Cards Last?

The general period of validity for Green Cards is 10 years. However, you can renew them. Conditional residency cards are good for two years.

What Visa Do I Need to Vacation in the United States?

Generally speaking, any foreign national who wants to enter the United States for any reason needs a visa. There are different visa categories depending on what those reasons are. The U.S. B-2 visa covers vacations as well as other activities, such as visiting friends and relatives, getting medical treatment, and participating in amateur sports events or musical performances. The B-2 is a temporary visa that’s typically granted for a maximum of six months. In contrast, the V-1 visa grants permission for visits to the United States for business.