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    Go Angling at These 6 Fishing Spots Near Reno

    Looking for a great spot to go fishing near Reno, Nevada? Whether you’re hoping to find just an idyllic place to go angling or a location where you can also partake in other outdoor fun like kayaking or hiking, Reno’s got you covered. Read on to learn more about our six favorite fishing spots near Reno. Sparks Marina A mere […]

    Age of Consent Laws in Nevada

    When it comes to the age of consent, Nevada follows strict laws that prohibit adults from engaging in sexual relations with a minor. In Nevada, the age of consent is 16. Anyone who engages in a sexual act with someone younger than that could be prosecuted for statutory rape. If you are convicted of statutory rape, there is significant jail […]

    Nevada Concealed Carry Firearm Laws

    Violating Nevada’s concealed carry firearm laws can land you in hot water. Understanding the rules and having the proper license is key to avoiding charges. You could face significantly increased penalties if you carried a concealed gun illegally while committing another crime. Learn more in this criminal defense blog. A Las Vegas criminal defense attorney from De Castroverde Criminal & […]

    Best Haunted Houses of Las Vegas

    When the moon gets low, and the darkness descends, you may find yourself looking for a haunted house in Las Vegas, Nevada. There are several spooky sites to explore, and the De Castroverde team invites you to explore these best-haunted houses of Las Vegas. Las Vegas Haunts For a dose of chilling fear, visit Las Vegas Haunts . This haunting […]

    What Can Lead to Resisting Arrest Charges?

    Encounters with law enforcement officers can be stressful, leading some people to resist arrest. Unfortunately, this action may result in separate criminal penalties in addition to your original charges. You might face fines, jail time, or even deportation if you’re a non-citizen. At the De Castroverde Law Group, we’re here to explain everything you need to know about resisting arrest […]

    Will A Speeding Ticket Violate My Probation?

    Most of the time, a speeding ticket won’t violate your probation, so it should not be a source of alarm. However, because a speeding ticket may violate the terms of your probation in certain circumstances, you should contact your Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible after receiving a ticket. What Is a Violation of Probation? According to […]

    Nevada’s Sex Offender Classification Guide

    Are you looking to better understand the Nevada sex offender classification system? Have you been charged with a crime? If these are concerns you are facing, you might have some questions for a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney. If you have already been convicted of a sex offense, you might have concerns about your tier-level risk assessment. This assessment is […]

    Nevada’s Self-Defense Laws

    In legal terms, self-defense is using force to protect yourself against someone who poses a threat. It may be simple enough to understand as a concept, but numerous unforeseen variables can arise when individuals defend themselves in real-life scenarios. To address these variables, states have enacted specific laws that help identify permissible instances of self-defense and appropriate levels of force. […]

    Can Someone File Assault Charges Months Later?

    If someone is filing assault charges against you months after the incident, you may wonder if the case is even valid in court. Understanding Nevada law surrounding assault can help you understand your rights as a defendant and ensure you get adequate representation. In this guide, our team at De Castroverde breaks down everything you need to know about assault […]

    The F1 Grand Prix Race Is Coming to Las Vegas

    The Formula One (F1) Grand Prix is one of the most talked-about and anticipated events in racing. It offers a heart-pounding combination of speed and intense position shifting, making it ideal for racing enthusiasts. The F1 Grand Prix is coming to Las Vegas in November 2023. Let’s take a speedy look at the details below. Formula One’s Newest Race When […]