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    Las Vegas Open Container Charges

    The city of Las Vegas has gained a reputation as a place for adult entertainment, whether it be casino gambling, concerts, major sporting events, or other activities. Las Vegas is where you go to have a good time. Often this involves the consumption of alcoholic beverages, so it’s important to understand Las Vegas open container laws before you go. Don’t […]

    5 Most Common Reasons for Deportation

    Gaining entry into the U.S. as an immigrant, or even via a non-immigrant visa, requires patience and determination. It’s a significant accomplishment that sometimes can take years to complete. Unfortunately, it’s also an accomplishment that is easily undone. Violating U.S. immigration regulations can result in the government deciding to begin deportation proceedings against you. These proceedings tend to move pretty […]

    Can’t Miss Henderson Cafes & Coffee Spots

    Henderson is a great spot to check out if you’re in Nevada. Located a few minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, the city is surrounded by plenty of adventure sites where you can enjoy activities such as biking, fishing, and hiking. It’s also home to several other fascinating attractions. The Sloan Canyon National Conservation area, the Lion Habitat Ranch, and […]

    Are There Any Special Laws on the Las Vegas Strip?

    If you visit Las Vegas and its famous Strip, you may feel like you’re in a different world. But before you start shedding all your previous notions of reality, it’s important to look into the laws of this strange new land to see if things are as free as they seem. While the Strip may be a tourist destination and […]

    Where To Make Dinner Reservations in Las Vegas for the Holidays

    The holidays are about family, friends, and of course, filling up on hearty seasonal meals. But if dirtying dishes and deciding on a menu is not on the agenda, consider dining at one of the restaurants offering Christmas dinners. Restaurants in Las Vegas are doing their best to roll out holiday meals that exceed diners’ expectations. Spread some holiday cheer […]

    What to know when applying for a U.S. work visa

    The U.S. economy depends on people and their willingness to work. As the population ages with the retirement of the baby boomers, it may soon prove challenging to find willing candidates, and not just for manual labor or agricultural roles. That creates potential employment opportunities for people outside the United States. Under U.S. immigration law, you need a U.S. work […]

    Go-To Spots in Las Vegas for NFL Fans on Sundays

    It’s NFL season, which means it’s time to relax with a beer and watch your favorite team win the game. Las Vegas is officially a sports town where you and your fellow fans can get together to watch football and enjoy the best food and drink Las Vegas has to offer. If you’re a Raiders fan, you can cheer your […]

    Top 10 things to know when immigrating to the United States

    Moving to another country can be an exciting change in your life and may help you achieve lifelong dreams or discover yourself. There are several components to consider when relocating from your home country to a completely different one, such as finding a job, applying for apartments, and building your credit when you have none. We’re here to help inform […]

    Benefits of Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys

    When looking for a criminal defense attorney, there are many types of professionals. Here at De Castroverde Criminal & Immigration Lawyers, we believe that criminal defense attorneys with extensive experience can make a huge difference in your ability to win your case. That’s why we’ve put together a roundup of all the major benefits of choosing criminal defense attorneys with […]