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    Violation of a Protective Order

    For people who have suffered domestic violence, protective orders play a pivotal role in safeguarding their rights and safety. These orders carry significant legal weight, signaling the need for respect and adherence. However, being accused of violating a protective order can force you into a legal dilemma. Request a Legal Case Evaluation At the De Castroverde Criminal & Immigration, our […]

    Standard of Proof in a Criminal Case

    Most of us have heard the terms “innocent until proven guilty” and “beyond a reasonable doubt” at some point. But when you’re facing criminal charges in Nevada, these legal terms take on a much more powerful and specific meaning. Understanding them is crucial to mounting an effective legal defense. Request a Legal Case Evaluation At De Castroverde Criminal & Immigration, […]

    Nevada Self-Defense Laws

    The line between legitimate self-defense and actions with potential legal repercussions can be blurry, especially in the heat of the moment. Self-defense laws, particularly in Nevada, have their own particular nuances and complexities. If you used force to defend yourself in a dangerous situation, you could face severe legal consequences, even if your actions seem justified. Request a Legal Case […]

    The Glitz and Glamour of Pet Boarding in Las Vegas

    Las Vegas, Nevada, renowned for its vibrant nightlife, casinos, and entertainment, is not just a haven for humans. For pet owners, the city offers many luxurious boarding facilities, ensuring that while you’re out enjoying the city’s splendors, your furry friend is having an equally delightful time. From serene environments to the epitome of luxury, Las Vegas has a pet boarding […]

    Understanding the Immigration Process

    Numerous people come to America searching for a better life and more opportunities. Unfortunately, the path to becoming a legal U.S. citizen can be complicated. Many people find the process confusing, overwhelming, and time-consuming. Without help, navigating the complicated red tape associated with the immigration process can seem nearly impossible. Request a Legal Case Evaluation The knowledgeable immigration lawyers with […]

    Criminal Defense Process: Steps to Take After Being Arrested

    Being arrested and charged with crimes is a daunting and frightening experience. Those facing the intimidating tactics of law enforcement officers sometimes forget their legal rights. That’s often the point of these tactics. Suspects may even be tricked or bullied into giving up their rights to prove they are willing to cooperate with law enforcement. Being arrested does not mean […]

    Definition of Treason

    Few charges carry as much weight or gravity as treason. Despite its profound significance, actual cases of treason are exceptionally rare, especially in contemporary times. According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the U.S. has convicted fewer than 12 Americans of federal treason in U.S. history. How Does the U.S. Define Treason? Treason is considered one of the most […]

    Parole vs. Probation

    If you’re facing criminal charges in Nevada, the possibility of parole or probation can offer a lifeline. Maybe you’re already experiencing the benefits of these alternatives to prison, but you’re concerned about meeting all the conditions. Or perhaps you believe you violated the terms of your release and feel worried about a revocation of your parole or probation status. These […]