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    Field Sobriety Tests: Common Mistakes & Challenges

    Being pulled over for driving under the influence is severe in Nevada. Following your arrest, you face charges that could lead to fines, jail time, the loss of your driver’s license, the installation of an ignition interlock device in your vehicle, and other penalties if your case leads to a conviction. And if this wasn’t your first DUI, the penalties […]

    Chain of Custody: Ensuring Evidence Integrity

    If a Las Vegas police officer pulls you over for driving under the influence (DUI), Nevada law requires them to administer either a breathalyzer or blood test to determine the amount of alcohol in your system and the extent of your intoxication. The results of these tests are critical evidence in the case against you, and what happens to them […]

    What Is a Stay of Adjudication?

    Many believe the only outcome in a Nevada criminal case is either a “guilty” or “not guilty” verdict, but that’s not true. Depending on the alleged criminal act, defendants may have additional options to avoid the worst possible outcome of a conviction. One of these potential options is a “stay of adjudication,” in which a judge agrees to seal and […]

    USCIS Announces Adjustment to Premium Processing Fees

    Are you unsure how the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services’ (USCIS) new premium processing fees could affect your immigration or naturalization petition? Let De Castroverde Law Group Criminal & Immigration demystify these changes for you. Our attorneys are ready to explain the updates and support you in managing your immigration case. We’ll provide clear advice and dedicated assistance to […]

    Discover The Best Pizza in Las Vegas, NV

    Las Vegas, a city famed for its dazzling lights and endless entertainment options, also boasts a hidden gem for food enthusiasts – its pizzerias. Whether you’re a fan of the classic New York slice, the deep-dish delight of Chicago, or the crispy thin crust, Las Vegas has a spot that caters to every pizza preference. With an array of pizzerias […]

    Discover the Best Summer Activities in Austin, TX

    Austin, Texas, a vibrant city known for its eclectic live music scene, delicious food, and outdoor activities, truly comes alive during summer. With the sun shining bright and the warm weather inviting locals and visitors alike to explore the outdoors, there’s no shortage of things to do around Austin. From immersive art experiences to adventurous outdoor activities, the city offers […]

    Overcoming Grounds of Inadmissibility: Understanding Waivers in Immigration Law

    In U.S. immigration law, “inadmissibility” refers to why the government might deny someone entry into the United States or refuse them a visa or green card. Common reasons for inadmissibility include health-related issues, criminal history, security concerns, public charges (relying on government aid), illegal entry, immigration violations, and prior deportations. For instance, if someone has a contagious disease, commits serious […]

    What Is the Most Common Drug Offense?

    Drug offenses have far-reaching effects on both individuals and communities. Committing a drug offense can have serious consequences, including legal trouble, health problems, and difficulties in both personal and professional life. Drug offenses also impact society at large by straining our legal and healthcare systems. Request a Legal Case Evaluation Not all drug offenses are equally common. Some occur more […]

    Visa Options for Immigrant Entrepreneurs and Investors

    Immigrant entrepreneurs and investors play a vital role in the U.S. economy. They bring innovative ideas, create jobs, and contribute significantly to economic growth. Recognizing this, the United States offers specific visas for entrepreneurs and investors worldwide. These visas provide a pathway for qualifying individuals to start or grow their businesses here. This blog discusses the various visa options available […]