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    Go-To Spots in Las Vegas for NFL Fans on Sundays

    It’s NFL season, which means it’s time to relax with a beer and watch your favorite team win the game. Las Vegas is officially a sports town where you and your fellow fans can get together to watch football and enjoy the best food and drink Las Vegas has to offer. If you’re a Raiders fan, you can cheer your […]

    Top 10 things to know when immigrating to the United States

    Moving to another country can be an exciting change in your life and may help you achieve lifelong dreams or discover yourself. There are several components to consider when relocating from your home country to a completely different one, such as finding a job, applying for apartments, and building your credit when you have none. We’re here to help inform […]

    Benefits of Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys

    When looking for a criminal defense attorney, there are many types of professionals. Here at De Castroverde Criminal & Immigration Lawyers, we believe that criminal defense attorneys with extensive experience can make a huge difference in your ability to win your case. That’s why we’ve put together a roundup of all the major benefits of choosing criminal defense attorneys with […]

    Nevada State Parks You Can’t Miss

    If you live in Nevada, you’re lucky. This beautiful state is home to some of the world’s most gorgeous state and national parks right in your own backyard. The difference between the two park types is that a state government runs and maintains a state park, while the federal government takes on this responsibility with a national park. In some […]

    Gambling Laws for Sporting Events

    Legalized sports betting, once largely in the province of Nevada, has expanded dramatically over the last few years. Starting in 2018, three-fifths of states enacted laws allowing residents and visitors within their borders to wager on their sport of choice. Perhaps more profoundly, many states have also allowed mobile betting, capitalizing on the use of handheld applications to grow interested. […]

    What To Do if a Family Member Is Wrongfully Detained

    Police and prosecutors have the awesome power to enforce the law and protect the public by punishing those who break it. The law enforcement personnel who follow the rules of their vocation to the letter are a credit to their profession and model public servants. Unfortunately, they aren’t perfect. Police and prosecutors make plenty of mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes are […]

    Best Steakhouses in Reno, NV

    Dinner at a steakhouse will be the highlight of your evening. In Reno and surrounding areas, you can find several restaurants that specialize in finely-prepared steak and other exquisite cuisines, including seafood and pasta. Discover the best steakhouses in northwest Nevada to visit after you’ve spent your day at a casino. Bimini Steakhouse Besides the gaming opportunities and luxurious spa […]

    Where to Watch the World Cup in Las Vegas This Fall

    Some people choose to have at-home watch parties for the FIFA World Cup, but if you’re like many other fans, you probably want to focus on watching the game rather than hosting. Fortunately, Las Vegas is the perfect place to be if you want to go out and watch the World Cup. Sin City is home to tons of venues […]

    Top 5 Fine Dining Spots in Summerlin, NV

    There’s no shortage of upscale restaurants in Summerlin. The next time you’re making lunch or dinner plans, explore establishments in your local area that take dining to the next level. Here are a few you can put on your radar. Harlo Steakhouse & Bar Your stomach will no longer growl after you spend the evening at Harlo Steakhouse & Bar. […]

    What Happens If You Get a DUI & Hit-and-Run Charge

    Exercising your right to drive in the state of Nevada comes with many responsibilities. One of the most important involves your obligations if you are ever involved in a car crash. Nevada law requires you to stop your vehicle at a safe spot on the road and remain on the scene to determine the circumstances of what happened. If the […]