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    7 Ways to Stay Safe While Having a Good Time in Las Vegas

    Because of its many hotels, casinos, museums, and other attractions, Las Vegas, Nevada, is a destination for people from around the world. Unfortunately, all those visitors can also attract criminals. Here are some tips for staying safe while you have fun in this famous city. Stay Near Tourist Areas   Police officers patrol the Strip and other tourist areas frequently, […]

    What happens if you’re caught with a fake ID?

    For as long as there have been laws restricting certain activities by age, there have been people who try to get around those laws with fake driver licenses or other pieces of phony identification. In Nevada and many other states, it is illegal to possess, sell, or transfer documentation intended to frustrate those laws, no matter what the intent is. […]

    Can you apply for immigration while outside of the U.S.?

    Many people worldwide want to come to the United States to work either temporarily or permanently or become citizens. Getting permission to do so can be a lengthy and complicated process. It starts in most cases when someone, like an employer, either sponsors you or submits a petition, such as from a family member. Sponsorships or petitions can eventually lead […]

    Little Known Facts About Las Vegas

    Las Vegas is a fascinating city with a wealth of intriguing highlights, from its massive buffets towering with food to its wild and wacky wedding chapels. This city doesn’t do anything small or subtle, with more than 15,000 miles of neon tubing illuminating Las Vegas for tourists and the seemingly out-of-this-world Sky Beam from the Luxor beckoning to people from […]

    How to Get Charges Dismissed Quickly

    Being charged with a crime is a serious matter and often extremely unnerving as well. You’re confronted by authorities who likely use language describing official legal processes that will seem confusing and unfamiliar. You probably have many questions, one of which may be “can the charges be dropped?” The short answer is: yes, they can, and sometimes, fairly quickly. That […]

    5 Top Las Vegas Photo Shoot Locations

    There are few things as gratifying as finding the perfect background for your social media profile picture or graduation photo. Although Las Vegas is known for the glitz, glamour, and gambling of the strip, there are some phenomenal sights to visit that provide the ideal backdrop for your next family photo to hang on the living room wall. From expansive […]

    What happens if you lose your job on a work visa?

    Immigration remains a topic of intense dispute for our nation’s policymakers. Economic factors loom large in the debate, particularly as our labor force’s size, shape, and makeup change. If you are not a U.S. citizen and want to come here for work, either as an immigrant or a non-immigrant, you must apply for a worker visa. But that raises an […]

    Your Las Vegas Live Entertainment Guide

    Las Vegas, Nevada, is well known for having a variety of quality entertainment. When you’re looking for a live show, it can be hard to choose between so many excellent offerings. The team at De Castroverde Law Group wants to help you make the best decision, so we researched some of the best live shows in the area to create […]

    Can you get charged with DUI days later?

    When you get behind the wheel after having a few cocktails, you’re taking a chance with your safety and the safety of others, as well as risking the possibility of being pulled over by police. If you’ve been drinking and manage to make it home or another destination without incidence, are you safe from being charged with a DUI? Or, […]