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    Restraining Order Requirements

    A lot of emotion goes into our work relationships, romantic relationships, family relationships, and friendships. Sometimes these relationships fall apart. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready to accept this as a part of life, and some relationships become stormy, unpredictable, and maybe even scary. One party may threaten or harass the other, forcing their partner to take refuge in the law. […]

    Who Has the Best Sushi Roll in Las Vegas?

    Las Vegas is famous for gambling and the hustle and bustle of the Las Vegas strip. However, it’s also a fantastic city for sushi, with a wide variety of choices to choose from where you can savor fresh and flavorful sushi rolls. Our De Castroverde team answers the question, “Who has the best sushi roll in Vegas?” Sushi Hiroyoshi An […]

    6 Can’t Miss Seafood Spots in Oakland, CA

    Oakland, California, is a beautiful city on the water in the eastern area of San Francisco Bay. If you’re craving seafood while you’re here, there’s no shortage of restaurant options, especially being so close to the water. There’s something for whatever you’re in the mood for — everything from casual to Cajun to fine dining establishments. Our team at De […]

    What To Do If You’re Arrested at a Casino or Resort

    Las Vegas attracts people from around the world as a tourism, business, and entertainment center. There’s much to do at any given moment, including sports, concerts, shows, fine dining, spa outings, and, of course, gambling and other activities at casinos and resorts. Sometimes, though, the fun can turn into serious trouble that requires the involvement of law enforcement authorities. Hopefully, […]

    How Does a Case Qualify for Small Claims Court?

    The civil court system exists to help resolve disputes, some of which involve large amounts of money and very complicated claims that require careful consideration and sometimes even a trial before a judge or a jury. Occasionally, though, disputes are small, too small to warrant the expense and effort of bringing a matter before the civil court system in Nevada. […]

    What do you need when applying for a foreign work visa?

    Working abroad can be just the thing you’re looking for the add some adventure to your life. Whether you’ve just graduated college or you’ve been working for a few years, there’s no wrong time to explore the world by living and working in a different country. It’s an opportunity to expand your interests and experiences while meeting new people and […]

    NFL Team Bars in Las Vegas, NV For Die-Hard Fans

    The Fall season and early winter bring along various sporting events all at once, and nothing beats rooting for your team with a crowd of fellow fans. Are you a Las Vegas-born Raiders fan or new on the strip? If you answered yes to either question, the sports town of Las Vegas has a home for you and the NFL […]

    What Is the Title 42 Immigration Law?

    United States immigration policy was already changing dramatically before the COVID-19 pandemic. Trump Administration officials had campaigned on the need to make changes both in border enforcement of illegal immigration and the approach to legal immigration. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated some of these changes. Fearing that illegal immigration would contribute to the further spread of the virus, immigration and public […]

    Christmas light shows near Las Vegas

    Las Vegas is a magical city at any time of the year, but at Christmas, it’s even more spectacular. A city known for its lights and glitz can’t help but pull out all the stops during the holiday season and brighten up the nights with dazzling displays of Christmas lights. Swimming pools turn into ice rinks and festive villages spring […]

    Ultimate Las Vegas Brunch Spots

    Las Vegas has a vast array of contemporary restaurants, but there’s something particularly appealing about a charming brunch spot. Bottomless mimosas, strong coffee, and a hearty brunch are great ways to start the day. Here is De Castroverde Criminal & Immigration Lawyers’ list of the best brunch spots in Las Vegas. Eggscellent Established in 2018, Eggscellent restaurant is a vibrant, […]