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    Do I Have to Give Police My ID?

    In Nevada, you must identify yourself (i.e., give your legal name) when asked by a law enforcement officer, particularly if you are suspected of a crime. However, unless they ask you for your identification at a pullover stop in your vehicle, you do not have to give the officer your ID in all situations. Because there is a difference between […]

    Can You Get a DUI or Reckless Driving Expunged in Nevada?

    No, you cannot get a DUI or reckless driving expunged in Nevada. However, the state allows record seals, under NRS 179.245. When you file a petition for a record seal, you ask the state to hide your criminal record from government databases. That way, they won’t show up on background checks when applying for a job or home mortgage. If you’re […]

    Top 9 Swimming Spots in Reno

    Whether you’re a tourist or a Reno local, you’re bound to recognize our dry climate. But being in a high desert doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the water. Check out this guide to discover the top swimming spots in Reno. Our list offers a variety of swimming options, including outdoor and indoor pools, rivers, and lakes, which you can […]

    6 Ways to Catch the Fireworks in Las Vegas and Reno on July 4

    When you plan a getaway in Nevada, you can expect to admire the lights flashing from lavish hotels and casinos and attend parties to create memories that will last a lifetime. The Fourth of July brings celebrations to new heights. There are plenty of opportunities to party, from when the sun shines over the valley to the last colorful spark […]

    Driving While High in Nevada

    Driving under the influence (from marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or any controlled substance) is illegal. Those who allegedly commit this offense may face fines and time in jail. If convicted, they may have difficulty getting a job or buying a home. The government could also take away their driving and voting rights. However, you may be able to avoid harsh penalties. […]

    Top 6 Activities and Events in Summerlin

    With summer upon us, families are clamoring to find fun and memorable activities and events in the Summerlin area to experience together. If you’re looking for something fun to do, we have several suggestions that will help fill your calendar. From outdoor activities to cool indoor events, Summerlin offers a little of everything. You can find an engaging option suited to […]

    Las Vegas Drug Crime Penalties

    Nevada is home to many strict drug laws, and even though marijuana is legal in Nevada, the state is harsher than some of its neighbors. Despite its reputation for being a party town, the law in Las Vegas, and the entire state of Nevada, is strict with drugs and drug crimes. Read on to learn more about some of the […]

    5 Las Vegas Summer Events You Can’t Miss

    The temperature outside is heating up, so it’s time to fill your calendar with exciting activities to keep you and your family busy this summer. Las Vegas is an ideal destination for outdoor events that provide food, music, and never-ending fun. You can watch your favorite entertainers perform live on stage and participate in celebratory community festivals. Whether you’re a […]

    What is considered drug paraphernalia in Nevada?

    Most Las Vegas residents know that drug possession charges can carry severe penalties, including lengthy jail time and high fines. But did you know you can also face legal trouble for possessing drug paraphernalia? These charges usually result in less severe penalties but can make your life challenging even after serving jail time or paying the fines. A criminal record […]

    What Is Considered Grounds for Deportation?

    Immigrating to the United States is an involved process that takes many months or even years. There is much paperwork to complete and many hearings to attend before obtaining a visa or naturalized citizen status. But immigration is a privilege, not a right. Coming to the U.S. as a noncitizen requires you to abide by the laws of the country and fulfill other […]