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    Have an Easter Picnic at These Beautiful Oakland Parks

    Easter means it’s time to get together with the family and have a meal to honor the reason for the holiday. Sometimes switching up where and how you have your Easter meal makes for a nice change of pace, and at De Castroverde Law, we’re sharing a list of destinations that help you do just that. Read on to learn […]

    Best Places to Take the Family for a Meal Near Summerlin, NV

    If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, you know it’s a diverse place where everyone can have fun, including families. In this article, we’ve listed some of our favorite family-friendly restaurants in the Summerlin area so you and your family can have a great dining experience. Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar Established in 2003, the Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, […]

    What Is Libel?

    Many people see freedom of speech as an absolute right in the US. It isn’t. For example, libel is a form of personal injury claim that involves publishing false information that damages the reputations of individuals or organizations. Publishing false information can damage someone’s ability to work or interfere with their relationships. People who commit libel can be held accountable […]

    Can You Sue Someone for Emotional Damage?

    Personal injury law exists to hold people accountable financially for actions that cause injuries or other harm to others. Often, a personal injury case focuses on compensating for direct losses, such as the cost of medical care and lost wages. But sometimes, the incident is highly traumatic for the person who is hurt, and their injuries go beyond the physical. […]

    Do cops have to read Miranda rights?

    Watch any courtroom drama on television or in the movies, and you’ll likely hear something about Miranda rights that have become a central element of police procedure. Miranda rights are named after the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case of Miranda v. Arizona and require police to inform individuals of their choices if they become suspected of a crime. While Miranda […]

    What is Qualified Immunity?

    Qualified immunity is a legal doctrine that creates space for public officials to carry out their duties without always having to worry about being sued for their decisions. The goal of qualified immunity is to balance holding a public official accountable for reckless or negligent decisions involving violations of constitutional rights while shielding their reasonable everyday decisions from liability. Without […]

    Is wire fraud a felony?

    Wire fraud involves using electronic communications to scheme or defraud and is a federal offense. Being accused of wire fraud is a serious situation that requires a serious defense strategy. Lack of intent or knowledge, bad information, and other factors can lead to lessened charges or make the prosecution unable to prove its case. Our De Castroverde team invites you […]

    Best Farmers Markets To Catch This Spring

    Visiting local farmers markets is one of the best activities in the springtime. Whether you’re a local in search of fresh produce for dinner or you’re a visitor who wants to learn more about the fruits and vegetables in the area, make sure to stop by one of the city’s several farmers markets the next time you’re in Las Vegas, […]

    Las Vegas Loitering Laws

    Nevada has three statutes that define loitering in specific areas, including around children, in casinos, and near public restrooms. While loitering is a misdemeanor and usually carries a fine, it can be a serious charge. Whether you’re guilty of loitering or have been wrongfully charged, contacting a criminal defense attorney is essential to building your case. Let’s explore the loitering […]

    6 Sporting Events and Concerts Coming Up in Oakland, CA

    If you’re a local or planning a trip to Oakland, California, make sure to check out the exciting events in this area. Whether you’re looking forward to the next game or you’re an avid music fan, this city has something for everyone, hosting an exciting lineup of games and bands over the next few months. Here’s a look at six […]