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    Can I Sell a Gun Privately in Nevada?

    Yes, you can sell a gun privately in Nevada, but the buyer must complete a background check, and you must use the services of a licensed firearms dealer. The Nevada legislature enacted NRS § 202.2547, which mandates that all private purchasers complete a background check before buying a firearm. A licensed firearms dealer should conduct the background check and will […]

    What Drugs Are Legal in Las Vegas?

    Las Vegas is often thought about in the same way it is depicted in the movies and on TV—lots of wild parties, flashy nightclubs, and a drug-filled lifestyle. This popular image of Las Vegas leads many to assume that we can legally and freely use drugs here. However, if you research what drugs are legal in Las Vegas, you will […]

    What to Expect if Arrested in Las Vegas

    People travel to Las Vegas to have wild adventures, but even Sin City has laws that local residents and tourists must follow. While film and television have painted Las Vegas as a city where anything goes and all your secrets remain, the reality is that tourists can still get arrested for various types of crimes, including: Driving under the influence […]

    What Can Lead to Deportation?

    Getting approved for a green card or visa in the United States means carefully following a detailed process that involves many questions and layers of reviews. Reaching this point is an accomplishment, but it’s also one you can lose. Failing to live by the rules of the immigration system can bring you back under scrutiny and result in the government […]

    What is family-based immigration?

    Are you interested in legally bringing your spouse, child, or other relative to the United States, or are you and your loved one hoping to move to the United States to join your family? The United States has specific immigration laws related to families that are important to be aware of, especially when you’re immigrating with your family. Keep reading […]

    Check out these 5 Las Vegas Food Events Happening In March

    Las Vegas is a bustling hub for food, drink, and entertainment. With tourism and gaming employing 315,000 people in the city, it’s no surprise that this is a mecca for food-related events. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to start your restaurant, a current chef trying to up their skills, or just someone looking for an afternoon of bites and brews, […]

    Is Prostitution Legal in Las Vegas?

    Las Vegas is known as a place to take a gamble, but not when it comes to prostitution. Prostitution is not legal in Las Vegas or Clark County, where Las Vegas is the county seat.  Prostitution is, however, legal in certain parts of Nevada, and some are not far from Vegas. Under Nevada Revised Statutes § 201.354, prostitution is legal […]

    Smoking Marijuana in a Las Vegas Hotel

    The laws surrounding marijuana can be confusing. While marijuana products are illegal on a federal level in the United States, Nevada has legalized recreational use under certain conditions. Does this mean smoking marijuana in a Las Vegas Hotel is also legal? Not necessarily.  Facilities have their own rules about what their guests can do while staying in their hotels. This is why you […]

    A Look at Summerlin, NV Through the Eyes of Locals

    Whether you’re new to the Summerlin area, you’ve lived here your whole life, or you’re just passing through, there is plenty of fun and engaging attractions just off the beaten path. While our town’s proximity to Las Vegas means that you’re never far from a top-of-the-line performance, event, or spectacle, there are some occasions when you’d rather see Summerlin through […]