Crimes in a Cab: Know Your Rights in a Taxi Cab

Due to the high number of tourists visiting Las Vegas every year, taxicab accidents are unfortunately quite common. Determining the cause of your taxi accident is crucial in deciding who is at fault and what your rights are moving forward. Know the Las Vegas taxi cab regulations when you step into a taxicab and reduce your risk of being stuck in a legal bind.

What Does Nevada Taxi Law Say?

Nevada law requires taxi drivers to carry up-to-date permits from the Nevada Transportation Authority (NTA). The NTA offers rider information to Nevadans who are unsure about their rights as taxicab customers, including what to do if they’re involved in an accident or altercation with the driver.

Driving a taxi without a permit or with an expired permit may make the driver responsible for paying damages in an accident. The driver also has the obligation to have a Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) driver’s license. The NTA requires taxi driver applicants to submit their fingerprints, providing a comprehensive background check of the driver.

If a driver fails to apply for a permit, it means he or she is operating a taxicab without undergoing the proper background check. If this is the case and an accident occurs, the driver or the company may be responsible. For example, if the company hires a taxi driver knowing that the driver may be unfit, the company may be at fault.

If, however, the driver is driving the taxicab without permission (or if they are not hired by a company at all), the victim in an accident may sue the driver. The NTA may deny a driver a permit if the applicant has had a DUI in the last three years, a felony in the last five years, or a sexual offense at any time. It’s important for applicants to undergo the screening process to ensure the safety of cab riders.

Who is at Fault in a Taxi Accident?

Taxi accidents in Nevada range from car accidents to criminal offenses such as sexual assault and murder. Taxicab companies are under significant pressure to monitor the hiring process and provide safe drivers and vehicles to riders. When the company or the driver is negligent in these responsibilities and an accident occurs, the victim(s) may sue for compensation.

Determining who is at fault in a taxi accident case isn’t always as easy as suing the company – in any taxi accident, it may be the fault of the driver, the car manufacturer, or another factor out of the taxi’s control. Just because a taxi crashed while you were a passenger does not equal grounds for a lawsuit. In many situations, however, you can and should take the responsible party to court.

Hire an Experienced Las Vegas Taxi Accident Lawyer

Since the legal consequences of taxi accidents are complicated, it’s best if you hire a skilled lawyer to handle your case with dedication and determination. Hiring a competent team of personal injury attorneys in Las Vegas can ensure you achieve the compensation you deserve for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, lost wage capacity, and more.

Speak with the Las Vegas taxi accident lawyers at De Castroverde Law Group for an in-depth discussion about your rights as a passenger involved in a taxi accident. If you’ve been injured, seek medical help right away. The sooner you see a doctor after an accident, the higher your chances are of securing a settlement.

You definitely weren’t at fault for a taxi accident, and we believe that means you shouldn’t have to pay. Contact our car accident lawyers to conduct an investigation into your case to determine if you have grounds to file a claim. If you do, we can help you gain the compensation you deserve.