Theft in Las Vegas Hotels: How Safe is Your Stuff?

Travelers from all over the world come to Las Vegas for vacations and celebrations. It’s hard to know, as a tourist, which hotels are the safest. Even if you choose a safe location, there’s no guarantee your stuff won’t fall prey to theft. Las Vegas hotel theft liability is dependent on several factors that you should be aware of.

How to Keep Your Belongings Safe

No one wants to consider crime on vacation, but in a big city like Las Vegas, the safety of your belongings has to be a priority. No matter where you travel, the hotel you choose will play a large part in the safety of your property. Do some research about the neighborhoods in your destination city, and read hotel reviews.

If the hotel is in an area with a high rate of crime, consider choosing a more-secure location – especially if you have high-value assets such as expensive jewelry or a new car you have to leave parked in the street. While there is no guarantee that you won’t be safe from crime in a nicer part of town, the odds of becoming a theft victim decrease.

When staying in a hotel, use the door bolt and chain to protect against intruders. Take advantage of the safe in your room to store valuables such as cash or expensive belongings. Although room safes aren’t impervious to theft, they can deter a thief and make them move on to a different room.

You can also leave your valuables at the front desk, but only if they have a policy that makes doing so safe. For example, if they have a sign at the front desk that states the hotel is not responsible for any damaged or stolen property, it might be a sign that the staff does not take good care of belongings. The best way to keep important belongings safe is to leave them at home, unless it’s necessary to bring them along.

Who is Responsible for Stolen Property?

It can be difficult to assign responsibility when someone steals your belongings during a hotel stay. Many states have passed laws limiting the liability of hotels in the event a guest’s belongings are stolen from within the hotel. If the hotel was negligent in its reasonable care to protect your property (i.e., failing to secure the building from intruders), the hotel may be responsible for stolen property.

If the hotel did everything in its power to prevent a theft and took reasonable care to fulfill its duties, the courts most likely won’t hold the hotel responsible for lost items. Under these laws, the court views employees who steal guests’ property as an extension of the hotel, itself. Therefore, if an employee steals from a guest, the courts may hold the hotel responsible for paying damages.

If the hotel hired a negligent worker, didn’t train employees properly, failed to supervise employee actions, or similar negligence, the hotel might be at fault for a theft. However, acts outside of the hotel’s control, such as a loss the guest’s own negligence caused (i.e., failing to use the safe the hotel offered), will most likely be the responsibility of the guest.

Seek Help from Skilled Las Vegas Attorneys

If someone steals your belongings from a hotel in Las Vegas, you need an expert representative to navigate the complex hotel liability laws in our state. Every case is different, and the results of your case are highly dependent on the level of legal representation you secure.

At De Castroverde Law Group, we understand the duties hotels have to protect guests’ property, as well as guest rights in the event of a burglary. To find out if your case may be eligible to receive compensation for the full value of your stolen property, contact us today regarding your hotel negligence claim.