Domestic Violence Resources in Las Vegas

Suffering violent mental, physical, or emotional abuse at home can feel impossible to withstand on your own. No one should be trapped in a domestic violence situation, yet thousands of people throughout Nevada find themselves stuck in abusive situations without knowing how to escape. Learning about the Las Vegas domestic violence resources available to you as a victim of violent domestic abuse can help you escape and recover – once and for all.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Always dial 9-1-1 if you are in immediate danger. Advocates for victims of domestic abuse in Las Vegas exist within the Metropolitan Police Department. Victims can reach the office of victim services by calling (702) 828-2955. Advocates provide support such as crisis intervention, referrals, and safety practices to prevent future victimization. Their website offers a wide range of contact phone numbers for a variety of difficult situations, including child abuse, alcohol/substance abuse, emergency shelters, mental health help, and victim assistance.

Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada

The Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada is a webpage with a long list of phone numbers and addresses for victims of domestic abuse in Las Vegas. Included on this list are the phone numbers for many different domestic violence hotlines, such as:

  • Interfaith Hospitality Network (702) 638-8806.
  • Clark County Emergency Temporary Protective Order (TPO) (702) 646-4981.
  • Salvation Army Shelter (702) 639-1876.

It has more than one hundred phone numbers for emergencies, shelters, hotlines, transitional housing, jails, childcare assistance, legal resources, and immigration assistance for citizens of Las Vegas. It’s a great resource to bookmark if you’re on a safe computer or as a one-time reference to write down phone numbers.

Safe Nest

Safe Nest has served abuse victims in Clark County since 1977 and is Nevada’s largest charity solely devoted to domestic violence issues. Safe Nest offers programs and services to victims of domestic abuse, including counseling and shelter. They assist and empower families, helping them live violence-free lives away from abusive environments. Safe Nest offers prevention programs that focus on children and young adults, helping them break the cycle of domestic abuse in Las Vegas.

S.A.F.E. House

S.A.F.E. House is Stop Abuse in the Family Environment, and operates throughout South Nevada. This organization provides victim assistance services across Clark County, including emergency shelter and food, an advocacy and counseling center with domestic violence experts, and community education. It’s a non-profit organization that leads the area in quality crisis intervention, counseling, and healing for domestic abuse victims. S.A.F.E House is a great choice for families who need immediate assistance out of an abusive situation and into a place of safety, food, shelter, and counseling.

Nevada Outreach Training Organization

The Nevada Outreach Training Organization is a comprehensive resource center for domestic violence and sexual assault. This page is specifically for residents of Nye, Lincoln, and Esmeralda Counties, but can help people throughout South Nevada. They provide independent living skills for foster children and host a variety of community events to raise awareness of domestic abuse.

The Shade Tree

The Shade Tree in Las Vegas helps women, children, and pets seek refuge from abusive environments. This organization provides a safe shelter for homeless and abused women and children, offering life-changing programs and services to help families get back on their feet and away from domestic violence for good. The Shade Tree takes in every woman and child in need with no questions asked, providing a safe place with an anonymous location with a goal of teaching self-reliance to victims.

Clark County Emergency TPO Services

You can apply for a protection order from the Las Vegas courts against someone who has a domestic relationship with you by visiting the Family Violence Intervention office, located at 601 N. Pecos Rd., Las Vegas, Nevada. Once the office grants your order, the courts will serve a Protection Order Against Domestic Violence to protect you and your family from an abusive family member or domestic partner.