Las Vegas Gun Carry Laws in a Casino

Casinos are in business to please and entertain guests, but this doesn’t mean guests have free rein to do as they wish. While Las Vegas patrons are free to carry concealed or open-carry weapons while walking down the Strip, they have to be more careful when it comes to entering casinos because of the Las Vegas gun casino rules.

Gun Carry Laws in Nevada

Nevada is relatively lax when it comes to gun laws. Concealed-carry permits are easy to obtain and there are no laws regulating the concealed or open carrying of weapons while on the crowded Las Vegas Strip – as long as the carrier has a valid permit. There is a small list of places permit-holders cannot take concealed weapons, including airports, schools, courthouses, and corrections facilities. Other public places, such as churches and movie theaters, are in control of their own gun rules.

Las Vegas casinos are individual venues, regulated by their own concealed weapons rules. If a casino does not expressly forbid concealed weapons, a patron could reasonably assume it allows them, because casinos are not on the federal list of banned places. However, most casinos say no to concealed weapons, and will ban carrying patrons from entering.

Legally, you cannot carry a gun in a Las Vegas casino if that casino has rules forbidding concealed weapons in the building. Unfortunately, many casinos regulate concealed weapons using sight-security only, potentially allowing many guns to pass by without noticing. In Las Vegas, explicit weapons screening typically occurs only at sports events, concert arenas, and other establishments with security checkpoints.

Nevada law does not regulate open carry of weapons. This means patrons are free to wear their weapons on their hips, legs, or bodies, unconcealed by clothing. Anyone 18 and older can carry a firearm openly anywhere in the state, as long as he or she has a permit. Only in state-prohibited places like those listed above is open carry prohibited, and establishments that ask you to disarm. Most casinos fall into the latter category.

Las Vegas Casino Gun Rules

Legally, you can carry a weapon on private property, even if there are “No Gun” signs on the property. These signs do not have any lawful weight behind them, and the owner cannot force you to disarm. The owner can, however, ask you to leave. If you disobey this order on private property, the owner can have you arrested for armed trespassing. Most businesses in Nevada are firearm friendly – with the exception of casinos.

If a casino does not allow guns, you cannot bring a gun inside. Even though “No Gun” signs do not hold the weight of law, police can arrest you for trespassing if you disobey the order to disarm or leave the casino. It is not technically breaking the law to carry in a casino, but you have to comply with establishment rules. You can, however, bring a weapon into bars. It’s legal to carry a weapon even if you’re consuming alcohol. Keep in mind that you cannot legally have a firearm on your person if your blood alcohol content (BAC) level exceeds 0.10%.

 Arrested in a Las Vegas Casino?

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