What are Nevada’s Gun Laws?

Nevada has more relaxed gun laws than other states; but if you are arrested for attempting to commit a crime with a gun, you could still face extreme penalties. Crimes involving the possession of a weapon (even if it was only an attempted crime), come with enhanced mandatory minimum sentences and fines.

How Nevada Views Firearms
In the state, a firearm is defined under NRS 202.253, which states that a firearm is any device designed to be used as a weapon that sends a projectile through the barrel by explosion or combustion. The projectile does not necessarily have to be a bullet, and there are numerous cases where individuals have been arrested for weapons possession during the commission of a crime while carrying an airsoft gun.

Understanding the Carrying Laws
There are places in Nevada where there are restrictions for carrying a firearm. There are exceptions to these restrictions, but only in certain cases. The carrying laws include:

  • No firearms to be carried at universities, on school property (including private school campuses), or in child care facilities. The only individuals that can carry a weapon on these premises are peace officers, school security officers, or those with written permission from the NSHE facility or principal.
  • There is an enhanced penalty for loitering near schools or committing crimes near schools with a firearm.
  • Firearms are not allowed in state legislature buildings or anywhere on the property unless you are a person with “authority.”
  • Concealed weapon carries are banned in all government buildings and on airport property, except for those who have a job-related purpose for the gun, as well as judges, prosecuting attorneys, and other officials who have permission and a permit to carry in the facility.
  • You cannot have a rifle or shotgun in your vehicle. You are allowed to carry a handgun inside your vehicle, but if it is in your cargo area, you cannot have a shell or cartridge in the chamber.
  • You can carry but cannot exhibit your firearm in a safe rest area or roadside park.

Restrictions for Open Carry
While you can have a concealed weapons permit, there are restrictions to your permission – and certain activities are not allowed while carrying your weapon. These include:

  • Alcohol consumption – you cannot have a blood alcohol level of 0.10 percent or higher while possessing a firearm.
  • Archery or hunting – you cannot use a firearm while hunting under archery regulations.
  • Firearm hunting – you must have a hunting permit and can only use certain weapon types to hunt.

Arrested for a Weapon-Related Crime? You Need a Nevada Criminal Defense Attorney
The enhanced penalties associated with weapons crimes are severe. They could increase your maximum sentencing by years and fines by the thousands. You could lose your license, freedom, and all that comes along with it. Furthermore, you may be charged with a felony, which could permanently destroy your future. If you have been arrested for a weapons-related offense, contact the criminal defense attorneys at De Castroverde Law Group today. Call us for a consultation at (702) 222-9999 or fill out an online contact form.