Top 5 Reno Hiking Trails & Outdoor Adventures

There’s nothing quite like getting outside to move your body, breathe fresh air, and see magnificent sights. Spending time in nature and away from technology is a great way to meditate, support your mental health, and catch up with a loved one as you hike on the trails. To help you explore nature in and around Reno, our team at De Castroverde Criminal & Immigration Lawyers has gathered a list of the top five hiking trails and outdoor adventures. So lace up your boots, pick up your hiking buddy, and get ready to have fun.

Tom Cooke Trail

Reno, NV Mountains

Tom Cooke Trail is great for those looking for an easy stroll or for beginner hikers. This loop trail is 3.7 miles and can take about an hour and a half to complete, making it a great way to start your morning or spend an afternoon. In addition to being a great hiking location, this spot is also known by locals for its spectacular bird-watching views. If you want to bring your furry companion with you, dogs are welcome and can be off their leash in some places, but remember to watch them closely, so they don’t get lost.

Additionally, this popular trail is kid-friendly, with many wildflowers and other natural sights to enjoy. If you want to come here, the best times to visit are March through November.

  • Address: 7900 Sugar Pine Court, Reno.

Galena Creek Nature Trail

The Galena Creek Nature Trail stretches 1 mile from start to finish, with an optional 0.7-mile loop. The short loop usually takes about 25 minutes to complete, so it’s often considered an easy trail. You might encounter other individuals who like to run, hike, and bike on your hike, making it a nice place to meet like-minded friends. Additionally, dogs are welcome to join you on a leash.

This trail is also great for kids because they can learn along the way with the park’s 18 signposts with information about the area’s ecology and cultural history.

  • Galena Creek Visitor Center address: 18250 Mount Rose Highway, Reno.

Truckee River

Reno is a very popular area for whitewater activities. For some outdoor fun, join Sierra Adventures for a whitewater rafting experience on the Truckee River. This river might suit those more experienced in the sport, as it can provide a wilder ride than beginners are ready to handle safely. No matter your skill level, ensure you’re safe and following the river rules. While on your adventure, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. And, before or after your whitewater rafting, consider going on the Truckee River Walk.

This river walk is a historic walking area and provides you with great views of the river and city while exploring the town. You can also explore other nearby parks when done exploring the Truckee River.

  • Address: 300 W. First St., Reno.

Jones and White Creek Trail

If you’re looking for a difficult hiking path, head to Jones and White Creek Trail near Galena Creek Trail. The trail is a 10-mile loop and can take about five and a half hours to finish the whole path. You may find it best to visit this area from March through October. On your hike, you may enjoy outstanding views and meet others. Your dogs can join you if you keep them on a leash.

Additionally, most of the footing is smooth and even, but you may encounter some uneven areas, so make sure you’re paying attention. Kids can also join you, but this might be more suited for older kids and teenagers because of how long it takes and some uneven terrain.

  • Galena Creek Visitor Center address: 18250 Mount Rose Highway, Reno.

Oxbow Nature Study Area

Visit the Oxbow Nature Study Area, which is a loop trail that’s about 3/4 mile with an elevation of 23 feet. It may take about 25 minutes to complete the entire loop, making it manageable for younger children and friendly, casual exercise for adults. It’s a family-friendly location with many wildlife, like rabbits and squirrels, and scenic views. If you get tired on your walk, there’s a resting area near the river where you can enjoy a picnic with your loved ones.

  • Address: 3100 Dickerson Road, Reno.

Don’t Forget To Be Safe out on the Trails

Being safe while you’re out in nature and respecting the trails and wildlife is essential. Keep some of these tips in mind on your next adventure:

  • Hike with friends or family members.
  • Stay on the path and avoid going off the trails.
  • Bring plenty of water and snacks.
  • Keep your trash with you, or throw it away in a garbage can.
  • Refrain from feeding the animals.
  • Know what poison ivy and other harmful plants and fruits look like so you don’t touch them.
  • Plan your hike ahead of time and bring a map with you.
  • Wear sunscreen and bring proper protection for the weather.
  • Have a flashlight or headlamp with you.
  • Bring a first aid kit and pocket knife in your backpack.
  • Ask for help from a park ranger if you’re unsure about the path you planned before heading out.
  • Avoid lighting fires, but put them out entirely, including all stray embers, if you have a fire.

We know several hiking trails and outdoor adventures in the Reno, Nevada, area, so we’re only scratching the surface with our top five recommendations. What do you think of our list? Did we miss one of your favorite locations? Contact us and tell us about it.

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Photo Credit: Image by Zach Vessels is licensed with Unsplash License