The F1 Grand Prix Race Is Coming to Las Vegas

The Formula One (F1) Grand Prix is one of the most talked-about and anticipated events in racing. It offers a heart-pounding combination of speed and intense position shifting, making it ideal for racing enthusiasts. The F1 Grand Prix is coming to Las Vegas in November 2023. Let’s take a speedy look at the details below.

Formula One’s Newest Race

When Formula One last had a home in Las Vegas, in 1981 and 1982, the race was held in the parking lot of Caesar’s Palace Casino and Hotel. A lot has changed since those counter-clockwise tracks and the blistering heat. In 2023, the Formula One Grand Prix will be held on Vegas’s own city streets, including a portion of its famous main strip. The circuit will wrap 3.8 miles around some of the most iconic locations in the city.

The race happens at night, so viewers can see the lights of Las Vegas glow over the racers as they burn down the track. The track will be called “The Circuit That Never Sleeps.” General and luxury ticket packages will be available. The Venetian, the Bellagio, and Caesar’s Palace offer overlooking suites for a truly spectacular view of the race.

The Track in Detail

LAs Vegas Strip part of the F1 Grand Prix Track
las-vegas-2012-9 by Mathieu Lebreton is licensed with CC BY 2.0 

The full circuit for the 2023 Las Vegas F1 Grand Prix will be a rough oval or as close to one as possible. It will feature 14 corners, three straights, and a pair of DRS zones. These are parts of the track where Formula One racers can open up their rear wing for a substantial speed increase through drag reduction. The speed increase from this shift is so significant that the DRS zones of the race course will be specially designed to ensure that racers don’t plant their vehicles into the track walls during the wing opening process.

The estimated top speed for this track is 212 miles per hour. There will be a 1.24-mile stretch on the part of the track, and the first hard left-hand turn will follow it. This will be the first strong passing opportunity for the drivers. They’ll also have good chances for passing at the end of two later, shorter straight runs.

Car and Track Modifications

Due to its expected high average speed, the drivers will have to modify their vehicles to take on this track. A low downforce aerodynamic package is required. This gives F1 cars wings and lets them reach the high speeds required. The track will include a chicane, a tight sequence of corners angled in alternate directions. It helps slow down the F1 racers before they take a sharp turn, preventing accidents. Many roads on the Strip will also be resurfaced to make the race as fast as possible.

Turn-by-Turn Race Breakdown

The 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix will have a total of 14 turns. Here’s some more information about each of them and what lies between them.

The Green Flag and Turns 1-4

The official F1 green flag starts the race, and it will be waved just beyond the 14th turn. The racers go straight until they reach turn 1, a sharp left turn. Soon after that, they’ll complete turn 2, another left turn that feeds into turns 3 and 4. Turns 3 and 4 loop around to one of the straights that allow driving speeds of over 200 mph.

Turns 5-10 and the Las Vegas Strip Run

Turn 5 is at the end of the first straightaway, just before the 367-foot MSG Sphere that’s now under construction. It’s a 90-degree right turn that eventually curves left into turn 6. Then, turn 6 loops around the sphere construction site.

Turns 7-9 will put drivers on the Las Vegas Strip, starting at the Treasure Island Casino. The five-lane Strip will allow some truly spectacular maneuvering by racers. It extends for 1.2 miles, and then it runs into the parking lot of Caesar’s Palace, where the race happened years ago. There’s a slight curve to the left at turn 10, about halfway down the Strip, and the race will leave the Strip behind between Planet Hollywood and The Cosmopolitan.

The Three-Part Chicane and the Final Stretch

Turns 11, 12, and 13 make up a three-part chicane. It will have a left turn, a right turn, and then another left turn that lead into the final drag race portion of the track. This stretch will be the racers’ last chance to pass each other before the final, 14th turn to the left, and the finish line. The F1 will run for 50 laps.

A Brighter Future for the F1 Grand Prix in Vegas

The original Grand Prix Las Vegas races were held during the day. That wasn’t a problem in most of the rest of the world, but in Las Vegas, it caused severe driver heat fatigue and injuries. The race was so tough for racers, organizers, and onlookers that people called it the worst circuit ever. The track was also very repetitive, there were no garages, and the pit lane was dangerously narrow.

This time, things will be different. When the F1 Grand Prix roars down the streets of Las Vegas in 2023, drivers and onlookers will be able to enjoy the cool night air, the city’s beautiful lights, and a more exciting, entertaining track. Sponsors of this race include Live Nation Entertainment, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), Founding Partners Caesars Entertainment, MGM Resorts International, Wynn Las Vegas, and Presenting Partners MSG Sphere, Resorts World Las Vegas, and The Venetian Resort.

The 2023 F1 Grand Prix will be a unique, exciting race, and tickets will be on sale soon. Contact us at De Castroverde Law Group and let us know where you plan to watch the race and which driver you think will win. If you don’t want to wait for 2023 to have some fun in Las Vegas, you can check out all the summer events in 2022 in the meantime.