The 7 Best Fishing Guide Companies Near Henderson, NV

Whether you live in Henderson or you plan to visit the area in the near future, you might be looking for opportunities to fish. In fact, many people don’t realize that Henderson is such a great area for fishing and other outdoor recreation. If you decide that fishing is going to be part of your summer, now is the time to start looking for fishing guide companies in the area. Here are some of the fishing guides local to Henderson:

FishFinders Guide Service

Henderson, NV Fishing Spots

FishFinders Guide Service offers a world-class fishing experience on Lake Mead. Whether you live in Henderson or have just been visiting the Las Vegas Strip, this company can help you get on the lake quickly — even if you don’t have all your usual equipment on hand. Fishing guide and Captain Kevin Durham will take you on the Ranger 2300 Bay Boat so you can visit fishing hotspots. If you’re ready to book your session, you’ll just need to put down a deposit to save the date.

At Lake Mead, you’ll have the opportunity to fish for game fish, including largemouth, trophy striped, and smallmouth bass. Tours start at the first light of morning, and you don’t need to bring any gear. This charter practices catch, photograph, and release.

Fish Anglers Edge

Fish Anglers Edge offers fishing tours of Lake Mead as well. Captain John Wood has 21 years of experience, so you can trust that he’s seasoned to help you find fish. Even if you’re a total novice, your captain will help you find the most promising spots for fish. In fact, this experience is child friendly.

You won’t even need any fishing gear to head out with Fish Anglers Edge. The captain provides rods, reels, tackle, and more. You’ll use artificial lures and live bait. Additionally, you’ll be on a 22-foot Nitro Bay boat equipped with GPS and a fishfinder. The boat can manage up to four anglers. Your captain will clean your fish for you, and you can keep what you catch.

Big Water Boating

Big Water Boating is another child-friendly charter fishing experience. Your captain will be Eric Richins, who deeply understands light tackle and fly fishing. Richins has more than 10 years of experience, and he can work with anglers of all skill levels. Your boat for this journey will be a 21-foot Sun Tracker pontoon, which is equipped with electronics, tackle, and safety equipment. You’ll be able to explore lakes, rivers, and even shallow waters with this boat. And thanks to the boat’s size, you’ll be able to bring a group of six guests.

Richins can help you explore Lake Mead, Lake Mohave, or the Colorado River. Fishing options include a half-day or full-day excursion. You can even opt for an overnight camping trip.

Hooked on Stripers

Hooked on Stripers provides a tailored experience for anglers of all skill levels. Captain Ray Poulin, who has been fishing since 1968, will help you learn fishing techniques, such as trolling, spearfishing, and bow fishing. You’ll go out for a six-hour excursion, searching for catfish, smallmouth bass, carp, striped bass, and more. You can even book a nighttime fishing trip.

The captain’s boat is a 19-foot Tracker with room for three anglers. Your charter includes everything you’ll need, including rods, reels, and tackle. If you bring your own cooler, you can keep everything you catch. You can bring your own snacks, but some drinks and snacks are provided. Children above the age of 5 are welcome.

Captain Jacks Fishing Guide

At Captain Jacks Fishing Guide, you and your guests will have access to a world-class fishing experience. For more than 30 years, this company has offered fishing charters. You’ll be able to explore Lake Mead and build memories with people you care about. Your captain is a licensed Coast Guard captain and licensed vendor for the Lake Mead National Park, so you’ll be in good hands.

On your fishing charter, you’ll catch striped bass and more. Your captain will even clean and fillet your fish so you can eat your catch later. Tours are available for two to four people, and most tours last about four to five hours. You can book additional time for an extra fee.

Las Vegas Fishing Tours

Las Vegas Fishing Tours offers excursions around Lake Mead. Your licensed and insured fishing guide provides a memorable trip for everybody in your party. If you’d like to escape the Las Vegas Strip on your vacation, you’ll love the tranquility of a day on the lake. There, you’ll catch smallmouth and largemouth bass. You can also explore the Colorado River.

This charter focuses on showing people the skills of catching fish. You can catch and release your fish as part of a family excursion. Even if you don’t know how to fish yet, you’ll learn a lot on your visit. The Colorado River Tour can suit up to two passengers, but Lake Mead fishing charters are great for up to six people. Each trip lasts about half a day.

American Angler Fishing Guide Service

American Angler Fishing Guide Service is a tried and true service offering Lake Mead excursions. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a charter on Lake Mead for up to two people. You can book a charter for up to eight hours. Fishing is also available on Lake Mohave. Your captain is CPR and first aid certified, so you’ll be in good hands with a professional.

Plus, everything you need to fish is available on the boat. You’ll have everything you need to catch striped bass, which are some of the strongest fish you can find in freshwater. You’ll be able to bag and cook your catch.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to purchase a Nevada fishing license before you embark on your charter. Our team at De Castroverde Criminal & Immigration Lawyers knows that you have a lot of summer plans. We’re here to help you through any unexpected challenges that your summer may bring.

Photo Credit: Image by James Wheeler is licensed with Unsplash License