Discovering the Newest Small Businesses in Summerlin

Summerlin, NV, a vibrant and bustling community in Nevada, is known for its dynamic business landscape. Several new small businesses have recently emerged, adding to the area’s charm and diversity. This blog post will take you through some of the most exciting and innovative small businesses that have recently started in Summerlin. From fashion boutiques to unique eateries, these establishments are not just businesses; they’re the dreams and passions of local entrepreneurs. Let’s dive in and explore what these new ventures have to offer!

Summerlin, NV small businesses

Joeleene: A Touch of Glam in Summerlin

Joeleene, a locally owned women’s fashion boutique in Las Vegas, brings a collection of trendy and classic pieces with glam. Curated by mother-daughter team Maria Serna and Christina Ivanov, this boutique offers unique, hand-selected clothing and accessories for every shape and style. From lux velvet and glittering sequins to soft knits and leather textures, Joeleene is the go-to destination for fashion-forward residents looking to add a bit of sparkle to their wardrobe.

Silver Post: A Gem in Summerlin’s Crown

Silver Post stands out as a unique addition to Summerlin’s business community. Specializing in crystals, jewelry, and home decor, Silver Post offers a range of beautiful and high-quality products. Whether you’re looking for a special piece of jewelry or a unique home accessory, Silver Post’s diverse collection is sure to have something that catches your eye. Their commitment to quality and the variety of their offerings make them a must-visit for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their life.

With Love & Co: Nurturing Summerlin’s Skin

With Love & Co brings a refreshing approach to skincare in Summerlin. Specializing in all-natural skincare products, this business has offered safe and natural ingredients since 2017. From rejuvenation cream to secret face serum, With Love & Co is dedicated to providing skincare solutions that are both effective and environmentally friendly. Their commitment to natural ingredients and quality products makes them a standout in the local skincare scene.

Makers & Finders: A Culinary Delight in Summerlin

Makers & Finders, a unique coffee shop in Las Vegas, is more than just a place to grab a cup of coffee. It’s a culinary experience that combines specialty coffee with delicious Latin food. Known for its inventive brunch menu, including a full bar and specialty cocktails, Makers & Finders is a place where food, drinks, and culture come together. Whether you’re in the mood for a Mexican Spiced Latte or a Gamma Smoothie, Makers & Finders is the perfect spot for a delightful culinary adventure.

Celebrating Summerlin’s Entrepreneurial Spirit

As we explore these new businesses in Summerlin, it’s clear that the entrepreneurial spirit is thriving in this community. Each of these establishments brings something unique and special to the table, contributing to the rich tapestry of local commerce. As residents of Summerlin and the surrounding areas, we have the opportunity to support these local entrepreneurs and help their businesses flourish. And remember, for any legal needs related to criminal or immigration matters, De Castroverde Law Group is here to provide expert assistance and support.