Best Places to Take the Family for a Meal Near Summerlin, NV

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, you know it’s a diverse place where everyone can have fun, including families. In this article, we’ve listed some of our favorite family-friendly restaurants in the Summerlin area so you and your family can have a great dining experience.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar

Summerlin, NV

Established in 2003, the Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, with its rustic social atmosphere, is the perfect place to enjoy handcrafted American food made with seasonal ingredients. This family-owned and -operated business has been passed down through three consecutive generations. Their goal is to be the go-to restaurant for those looking for a casual dining experience with a small-town atmosphere, making it perfect for families and groups of friends.

Their menu offerings are quite diverse with over 15 categories including TV Dinners (frozen meals to pop in the oven), Sandwiches, Burgers, Friends and Family (family-style portions), Small Plates, Appetizers, Soups, Noodles, Fish, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Meat and Chicken, and Dessert. For kids with fickle palates, the kids’ section offers macaroni and cheese, mini corn dogs, chicken nuggets, burgers and cheeseburgers, pasta, and hot dogs.

To encourage family and friend bonding, they also have a cozy outdoor seating area where dog owners can bring their pets and order meals from the dog menu.

Houston Hot Chicken

Houston Hot Chicken (HHC) has the best chicken in town, whether you’re in the mood for a sandwich or a salad, they’re the place to go. This relatively new restaurant opened its doors in 2020 and quickly became a hot spot due to the quality of the food. They have expanded across the United States and Summerlin was no exception. For peace of mind, all the chicken they serve is never frozen, humanely raised, and free of antibiotics and hormones. In addition, fresh ingredients are sourced from ethical farmers who take pride in producing high-quality, sustainable, and healthy food.

The brand’s fast-casual environment and menu make it the perfect place to take your family out. Their mission is to serve the best hot chicken sandwiches and fusions in the states.

The menu is simple yet satisfying. The meal section offers the original hot chicken sandwich and the cheesy hot chicken, tenders and slaw or waffle, Texas Caesars or Southwest salad, and cheese, loaded, or fusion fries. Sides include chicken tortilla soup, pickles, house fries, waffles, tenders, and coleslaw. Cookies, milkshakes, and drinks are part of the dessert section, while party packages, platters, and trays are part of the catering section.

Lola’s A Louisiana Kitchen

Lola’s A Louisiana Kitchen is the perfect place to take your family for delicious Cajun food in a Southern-inspired setting. If you’ve always been fascinated by the rich culture of New Orleans, you may find the interior of this restaurant alluring, as it resembles a typical New Orleans dining establishment, despite it being in the heart of Nevada.

They have two menus, one for brunch and the other for dinner. On the brunch menu, some of the dishes offered include Cinco de Bayou, Leidenheimer’s French toast, soft shell crab benedict, andouille hash benedict, praline bacon waffle, banana fosters waffle, grits bowl, beignets, the hangover po’boy, grilled stone fruit, and the open face omelet.

The dinner menu, on the other hand, has more options, including Cajun fried hot wings, boneless chicken breast, Mississippi catfish, oysters, soft shell crab, crazy Cajun ragout burger, roast beef D’Brees, sizzled ham, Mardi Grass combo, Hoppin’ John, and plenty of dessert options like bread pudding, fig delight, bananas foster, Louisiana chocolate cake, ice cream, and sweet potato pecan pie.

True Food Kitchen

Founded in 2008, True Food Kitchen is the place you want to take your family if you live a healthy lifestyle. This restaurant’s mission is to serve food that makes people feel good. They do this by using high-quality, non-inflammatory, organic ingredients in their meals so they can highlight the ingredients’ natural flavors and benefits. Even better, even though they serve healthy, wholesome food, their meals look and taste like those you’d find in a regular restaurant, making it the perfect place to feed the kids healthy yet delicious food.

Their extensive and tempting menu is kid-friendly, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan-friendly. Some of the options offered include wild-caught tuna toast, edamame dumplings, roasted Brussels sprouts, bone broth chicken noodle soup, spicy Panang curry, Korean noodle bowl, spaghetti squash casserole, ancient grains bowl, vegan double cheeseburger, grilled chicken and mozzarella panini, Tuscan kale salad, Margherita pizza, roasted butternut squash, grilled sustainable salmon, lasagna Bolognese, pesto pasta, and chicken teriyaki bowl.

Frankie’s Uptown

Frankie’s Uptown aims to be the go-to place for families in Summerlin and all of Las Vegas. This restaurant blends old-school nostalgia with vintage lighting to create a comfortable and casual environment where families and groups of friends can enjoy a fun dining experience. Although it opened recently, the restaurant has already become a favorite spot for many locals due to its hospitality and great atmosphere. Frankie’s also has an indoor bar, so adults who crave handcrafted cocktails and spirits will feel right at home.

They have two menus: the main menu and a secret menu that lists five dishes for $10 each, but it’s only available to those who ask. The main menu is extensive and includes starters, greens, bar food, strolls, and desserts. Some meal options include truffle chips, sweet chili fried shrimp, meatballs, bacon-wrapped jalapenos, uptown-style nachos, cherry pepper calamari, charcuterie, Frankie’s Italian sushi, eggplant Christini, caprese cocktail, the mean green antipasto, Mr. Caesars, all-in prime cheeseburger, pulled pork sandwich, Summerlin stroll, Ms. Chris’ cannoli dip, mason jar BSB bourbon cake, and peanut butter pie parfait.

There you have five family-friendly restaurants in the Summerlin area that you and your family will love. At De Castroverde Criminal & Immigration Lawyers, we’re committed to helping our community enjoy all Las Vegas offers. If you’re ever in need of criminal defense or immigration lawyers, we’d be happy to help.

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