Las Vegas Card Counting Legality

Contrary to popular belief, there are no federal or state laws restricting counting cards as a strategy for winning. Nevada has no laws in place that state citizens cannot count cards to win blackjack, poker, or other games in casinos – a defense many card counters are quick to pull out. However, Las Vegas casinos are private property and therefore have the right to kick out anyone.

Can I Be Arrested for Las Vegas Counting Cards?

Thanks to Hollywood portrayals of people counting cards, winning millions, and then facing enormous consequences, many people are under the impression that counting cards are an offense that can get you arrested. This is not the case. Nevada law does not expressly forbid the act of card counting – enabling card counters to get off without any charges against them if they do not break other laws by extension.

Since card counters do not alter the outcomes of card games, the law does not forbid them. Cheating in a casino, on the other hand, is an arrestable offense. You can be arrested for counting cards if you use electronic or mechanical means to help you. Nevada state laws prohibit keeping track of cards using electronic or mechanical capacity, such as smartphone apps. It does not prohibit using the intellectual capacity to keep track of cards.

Casinos will often forbid card counters to play a certain game, such as blackjack. Using high-tech security footage, casinos can keep tabs on every player at every table, watching for signs of card counting. If the casino believes you’re counting cards – or if you’re simply too good at the game – it has every right to ask you to leave the table, not play that game, or even leave the casino.

Many card counters know that no law exists against the act, and use it as an excuse to count cards freely. The law does not regulate using your mind to count cards. However, since casinos are technically private property, you cannot count cards and expect to avoid repercussions. Many people accused of counting cards do not know how to react and get themselves into deeper trouble than necessary, racking up counts of trespassing and assault.

Your Rights in a Casino

When you visit a casino in Las Vegas, you have certain rights as a guest and paying customer. However, federal and state laws severely limit your rights, because casinos are technically private pieces of property. Because of the distinction between private and public property, casino owners can do much as they please with no legal repercussions.

Casino owners can tell you to leave a casino if you’re too rowdy, belligerent, or they catch you counting cards. If you’re asked to leave a casino, you have to comply. Otherwise, police can charge you with trespassing. The casino will ban you from returning, and you may face criminal charges. Las Vegas trespassing laws are complex and can easily lead to an arrest if you don’t know the rights of casino owners.

Defend Your Rights in Any Las Vegas Casino

If you were an innocent bystander or do not know what you did wrong, and a casino security guard kicked you out anyway, you may have the right to obtain compensation. Security guards cannot cite a patron for trespassing if he or she did not refuse to leave or was not asked to leave. For more information about casino rules and regulations in Las Vegas, contact De Castroverde Law Group.

Our Las Vegas casino arrest defense lawyers have vast experience handling casino violation cases and can help you get a trespassing charge dropped if you were convicted wrongfully. Card counting is not illegal, but it can have serious consequences. Know your rights before you take to the card tables and lose more than just a game.