How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help with Citizenship

If you are ready to apply for citizenship, it may be beneficial for you to obtain legal representation during the process. Applying for citizenship is an exciting time, but it can also be complicated and frustrating. An experienced immigration attorney can help answer any questions you have and guide you through the application process.


An initial issue is determining whether you are eligible for naturalization (the granting of citizenship). The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the agency that oversees lawful immigrations to the U.S. and it also has responsibility of processing citizenship applications. The USCIS has developed a Naturalization Eligibility Worksheet (Worksheet) to help individuals determine if they are eligible for citizenship. The Worksheet requires you to answer numerous questions, some of which are complex. An attorney with experience with citizenship applications will be able to help you understand these questions, as well as provide an opinion as to whether you are eligible for citizenship.

In order to apply for citizenship, you will have to fill out Form N-400. This form is 21 pages, with an additional 13 pages of instructions, and includes questions related to all aspects of your life. Like the Worksheet to determine eligibility, there may be portions of the application, or its instructions, that you do not understand. It is important to note that many people applying for citizenship have found the application form complex and stressful. An immigration attorney can relieve this stress by explaining anything that you find confusing.

Accurately and completely filling out the application is crucial to obtaining a successful, as well as timely, citizenship decision. If any part of the application is incomplete or inaccurate, it will result in delays in the process. Even worse, it may result in the denial of the application, which would require you to start the process all over again. An experienced immigration attorney can reduce the chance that any errors or omissions will occur.

Another issue to keep in mind is that the USCIS does make mistakes in regards to citizenship determinations. An attorney will be able to recognize when a mistake may have been made or when the process is not progressing as it should. Additionally, an immigration attorney will know the steps to take to remedy any of these issues. Finally, your attorney will be able to handle the responsibility of communicating with the USCIS or representing you before them, if necessary.


One area that may cause stress for citizenship applicants is the interview when you will be asked questions about your background and application. An attorney can be of great help in preparing you for the questions and knowing what to expect during the interview. By being prepared, you will be more comfortable, which will likely result in the interview going as smoothly as possible.

For more information related to citizenship applications, you should speak with an experienced Las Vegas immigration attorney. The attorneys at De Castroverde Law Group are fluent in Spanish, as well as English, and can help you complete the process for citizenship.