Factors that Can Impact Your Immigration

The United States immigration process is highly complex. In order to fully understand the process, you need to understand the factors that could affect your status or even your initial application. Under the Immigration and Naturalization Act, the policy allows an annual limit of 675,000 permanent immigrants into the United States (with a few exceptions).

For most, applying for a green card is the first step into entering the United States – but these days receiving a green card has become one of the more difficult tasks for immigration. If you are applying for a green card, there are a few things can influence your ability to be approved.

What Factors Could Affect My Green Card?

Many people apply for a green card each year and are denied. This is often because the application is completed incorrectly or they do not understand the factors used to determine eligibility. If you are applying for a green card, it is best that you speak with an attorney. An attorney can help you file the necessary paperwork, but also any potential appeals – to increase the likelihood of an approved green card application.

Basic Eligibility Requirements

There are several basic ways to qualify for a green card, including:

  1. Having a family member that is already a permanent U.S. resident – such as a spouse or parent.
  2. Having a job or job offer in the United States in which your employer is willing to sponsor you into the country.
  3. Being an entrepreneur with at least $500,000 to invest into a United States business that will create jobs for the country.
  4. If you are fleeing persecution in your country – you may qualify for refugee or asylum status depending on your circumstances.

Proving You Are Not Inadmissible

Even if you meet the basic eligibility requirements above, you could be denied a green card if you cannot show that you are not inadmissible into the United States. Those that pose a danger to the country financially, in health or on a criminal basis will automatically be disqualified from receiving a green card. Some are denied admissibility even if they are not a threat. For example, on your green card application you omit important details or conceal something, you could be denied and considered inadmissible in the future. For example, a hospitalization for tuberculosis that you did not include on your application could lead to permanent inadmissibility.

Mistakes During the Application Process Are Common

Applying for a green card requires that you fill out paperwork and prepare your application in accordance with the green card guidelines. Sometimes you can destroy your chances for approval just by ignoring the instructions or accidentally skipping one critical step. Failure to follow instructions or pay the appropriate fees can lead to an application denial.

While typically the U.S. immigration authorities reviewing your application will send it back to give you the opportunity to correct your application, there are other times it will be denied with no opportunity to correct the errors.

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