Tips for Dealing with Police During Traffic Stops

There are cases every day where simple traffic stops turn into violent acts, injured parties, or worse yet, charges for more serious crimes. Regardless of why you are being stopped by Nevada police or highway patrol, it is important that you understand your rights and act accordingly. While officers have a duty to protect the public, it is easy for them to abuse their authority as well, and disregard the average person’s rights.

What to Do If You Are Pulled Over

If a police officer pulls you over in the middle of nowhere or on the strip, there are five key things you must remember during that traffic stop:

  1. Always Remain Calm – Traffic stops are one of the more stressful experiences a person will encounter. But, you should keep in mind that police officers have very dangerous jobs. When they pull a person over, they do not know who they are pulling over or what that person is capable of; therefore, they proceed on the defensive at all times. Certain actions, including becoming confrontational or combative can give an officer reason to feel threatened. Regardless of how upset you are about being pulled over, remain calm.
  2. Never Admit to Anything – You have a Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and you can use that at a traffic stop. You are not required to admit to doing anything wrong – even if the officer asks you if you know why you were pulled over. It is not in your best interest to admit to anything in the first place.
  3. Sign the Citation – There is a misconception amongst Nevada drivers that if they refuse to sign the ticket, they are refusing guilt – therefore; they assume the ticket will be thrown out in court. In reality, signing the citation only admits that you promise to appear and has nothing to do with an admission of guilt. Nevada Revised Statute Section 171.177 states that an alleged offender must be taken without delay to a magistrate if they refuse to write a promise to appear. So, not signing the ticket could actually cause more issues.
  4. Refuse to Search – If the officer asks, do not provide consent to search the vehicle. Often officers will ask because they do not have probable cause.
  5. Request an Attorney – If you are brought into the police station, exercise your Sixth Amendment right for counsel and request that an attorney be present before answering any questions. You do not have to speak to officers without an attorney present.

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