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Real crimes happen, but there are cases when someone falsely accuses another person of a crime. You could be formally charged with a crime that you did not commit. If the accusation is false, how do you stand up for yourself? When a person is falsely accused of a crime in Las Vegas, often they must resolve the matter by hiring a Nevada criminal defense lawyer.

A defense lawyer can assist you long before a trial begins. Sometimes, they can investigate and use the discovery process to prove the claims against you are false and squelch the situation quickly. If needed, an attorney can also use these facts to prove your innocence in court. When considering your legal options, be sure to read testimonials and reviews. They can often indicate how good of a fit a particular law firm might be for your situation.

What Are False Accusations?

False Criminal Accusations Lawyer In Las VegasYou see it all too often on the local news – someone says that another person is falsely accusing them of a crime. The police have arrested the accused individual, yet the news report suggests they were nowhere near the area at the time of the crime, or the accuser has something to gain from making false accusations.

Some people, often dubbed “Karens” on social media, make false accusations based on their perception of events or for dramatic purposes. Other false accusations are motivated by racism and bigotry, like this 2020 birdwatching incident in Central Park or this 2022 incident when a woman falsely accused a Black teen of stealing her cellphone. Unfortunately, these situations happen all too often.

The state of Nevada has decided that accusing someone of a crime while knowing the charges are not valid is a crime in itself – one that is punishable by law. Here are two examples of ways to make false accusations that are viewed as criminal acts in Nevada:

False Police Reports

According to NRS § 207.280, if any person intentionally makes a false accusation report that causes law enforcement to start an investigation, it’s a misdemeanor crime that can come with a jail sentence and fine.

Offering False Evidence

Nevada regulations include offering false evidence against someone as a crime as well. Under NRS § 199.210, it’s a felony to knowingly give forged or fraudulent documents to the authorities as evidence of a crime. Doing so can carry a stiff state prison sentence and a significant penalty.

Steps to Take When You’ve Been Falsely Charged With a Crime

If you are facing the stressful situation of needing to clear your name because you’ve been falsely accused of a crime you did not commit, you can take steps to help defend yourself.

If you live or work in the Las Vegas area, you may already know that false accusations frequently occur here in the entertainment capital of the world. Malicious people often visit the city and target others in hopes of blackmailing or getting money from them.

When dealing with a false accusation, you should take these steps to protect yourself:

  • Call a Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer
  • Conduct a preliminary investigation
  • Invalidate the accusation
  • File a civil suit

False Accusations Can Cause Real Damage

It happens every day – people get accused of crimes they did not commit. Many believe that if the accuser recants their story, everything will be fine. For the accuser, maybe so.

Even if the charge is untrue and later dropped, false accusations of criminal acts can cost people their jobs, educational opportunities, and more. Being falsely accused can damage a person’s reputation – sometimes beyond repair.

Once the criminal case is resolved and no charges are pending, you could seek civil damages from the person who falsely accused you of committing a crime.

Top Reasons for Being Falsely Accused of Criminal Conduct

There are many reasons why someone decides to falsely accuse another person of a crime. Not all of these reasons are criminal. If a person honestly believes they witnessed a crime and it’s a case of mistaken identity, that is not a criminal act. There was no malicious intent. The person made an honest mistake while attempting to do the right thing and report the crime.

When a person is falsely accused of a crime, sometimes it can be challenging to sort the whole situation out – especially if the accusation originated from a police investigation. Perhaps by asking misleading questions or rushing to solve the crime, the police forced the investigation to go in the wrong direction.

Other times, a person may accuse someone of a crime with malicious intent. The objective is to cause you harm, possible jail time, and loss. When this occurs, the person who falsely accused you of the crime is violating Nevada law. Your attorney can advise you on appropriate actions to take in your case.

Nevada Criminal Defense Lawyers Help You Fight False Accusations

We know what’s at stake after a false criminal allegation, especially when the accuser does so with malicious intent. You have the right to legal representation and a fair trial, and we are ready to help you fight these charges.

As criminal defense lawyers, we will work to:

  • Craft your defense– Every case is unique, and we will come up with a defense strategy designed especially for your case.
  • Identify inconsistencies– When someone falsely accuses you, we can work to identify inconsistencies and falsehoods in their story that weaken any evidence against you.
  • Gather evidence– As with any criminal defense case, we will gather evidence to help prove the other party’s accusations are unfounded.

Your rights are of the utmost importance to us, and we are prepared to defend you against any false charges.

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