UFC Star Stephan Bonnar Now Fighting Las Vegas DUI Charges After Wild I-15 Arrest

A Hall of Fame UFC fighter nicknamed “The American Psycho” may soon be trading in the Octagon for a prison cell after his wild arrest for drunk driving on Interstate 15 just north of the Strip in October 2018. In addition to felony DUI, Stephan Bonnar is facing charges of resisting arrest and other traffic offenses. It’s Bonnar’s third arrest for Nevada DUI. If convicted, he faces up to six years in jail, $5,000 in fines, and a three-year license suspension, among other penalties. A conviction on the other charges could keep him behind bars even longer.

Around 1:15 p.m. on October 28, multiple motorists traveling on I-15 called the Nevada Highway Patrol to report that a red Cadillac DTS was driving on the shoulders of the highway near Apex, swerving erratically, making unsafe lane changes, and driving more than 90 miles per hour.

After almost hitting several cars and colliding with a Jeep, the Cadillac came to a stop on the side of the road about 10 miles north of the Las Vegas Strip. Before troopers arrived, several motorists had surrounded the vehicle, where they found the 41-year old Bonnar incoherent behind the wheel and restrained him to keep him from driving off.

As seen in dramatic body-camera and dash-cam footage, Bonnar was barely conscious when a trooper attempted to handcuff him and pull him out of the vehicle. At that point, Bonnar “sprang to life,” in the trooper’s words, and started resisting, pulling and twisting his arms before witnesses intervened and helped the trooper place Bonnar in handcuffs. He was taken into custody and booked into the Clark County Detention Center.

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While Bonnar’s condition was extreme, you can be charged and convicted of a Nevada DUI for being the slightest bit over the state’s legal blood alcohol concentration limit of .08 percent (.02 percent for minors under 21 years old, and no minimum BAC for commercial drivers). Even if this is your first DUI, the penalties you face are severe, including up to six months in jail, $1,000 in fines, a 90-day license suspension, and the possible installation of an Ignition Interlock Device.

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