Can I Keep a Gun in My Car in Las Vegas?

You are allowed to keep a gun in your car in Las Vegas if:

  • You have a permit to carry a concealed weapon (CCW) in Nevada, which allows you to keep a handgun in the glove compartment or another hidden location in your vehicle.
  • You do not fall under the exceptions listed in NRS 202.3657for those who are not allowed to open carry a firearm in Nevada.

Nevada allows residents to open carry or get permits to carry concealed weapons. However, this does not mean that Nevada’s gun laws allow just anyone to carry weapons, and those who violate these standards may face penalties for their offenses. If you are facing firearm-related charges, you can hire a criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas to defend you.

Gun Laws in Las Vegas Permit Open and Concealed Carry in Cars for Qualifying PeopleGun in Car

Per NRS 202.350, people in Nevada have the right to carry a concealed weapon, such as a handgun, if they have a permit to do so. This includes the right to keep a weapon concealed in your vehicle, such as in the glove compartment, middle section, or trunk.

The state also permits residents to openly carry firearms, provided they do not fall under the exception categories. Permission to open carry can apply to vehicles, meaning that the owner of the gun must keep the weapon visible in the vehicle, such as on the dashboard or a seat.

Who Cannot Possess a Firearm in Las Vegas?

The following exceptions apply regarding who can carry firearms in Nevada:

  • People who are not yet 18 years of age (NRS 202.300)
  • People who have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 percent or higher or who are under the influence of drugs (NRS 202.257)
  • People who do not have legal status to live in the United States
  • Convicted felons
  • People who were dishonorably discharged from the military

Other exceptions apply based on where you are located or the kind of weapon you are found in possession of. For example, you cannot possess a weapon in school zones or carry a loaded shotgun in your vehicle.

How Our Criminal Defense Lawyers in Las Vegas Can Serve Your Case

At De Castroverde Criminal & Immigration Lawyers, we build comprehensive defense arguments for our clients. We will investigate your case so that we can fight for your innocence. We may work to have the judge dismiss your charges or negotiate lesser penalties depending on the evidence against you.

Our goal is to build a strong case for your defense, which may involve:

  • Investigating your case separate from the police: While our team will review the evidence provided by the prosecution and law enforcement to understand the allegations made against you, we will also conduct a separate investigation into your case. This may involve filing subpoenas to request additional information, reviewing paperwork related to your case, and reviewing the crime scene or vehicle.
  • Contacting witnesses who can provide testimony for your case:If there were any witnesses who can provide an alibi for you or testify on whether the alleged firearm was yours, we may reach out to them for statements. We may also contact witnesses to provide additional information for your case, such as whether they saw someone plant the firearm in your vehicle.
  • Collecting evidence to support your alibi or defense arguments:We will gather as much evidence as possible during the discovery process. Evidence may include video footage (e.g., from a security camera nearby), photographs of the crime scene, your CCW permit, transaction records that verify whether you purchased the firearm, and forensic evidence (e.g., fingerprints on the weapon that matches yours).

Throughout the discovery phase, if you remember or are informed about new evidence that can be useful for your case, you should notify your Las Vegas firearm lawyer. Our team will then take steps to retrieve those materials.

Other Legal Duties We Offer

Beyond investigating your case, our criminal defense lawyers in Las Vegas also provide several legal services when representing you, such as:

  • Attending your bail hearing to request lesser bail or no bail from the judge
  • Attending your initial arraignment as your representative and announcing whether you plead guilty or not guilty
  • Attending pretrial conferences to negotiate a potential plea deal with the prosecutor, which may involve having your charges dropped or reduced if you fulfill other tasks (e.g., getting alcohol rehabilitation treatment to avoid jail time if you also face DUI charges)
  • Presenting your case, including evidence, in trial hearings and advocating for your innocence and rights

If you get convicted for having a gun in your vehicle because you did not meet the legal standards to open carry or you do not have a CCW, one of our attorneys can discuss your options to appeal your verdict and explain what to expect from the appeals process.

How Our Criminal Defense Attorneys May Defend Your Case

Some common defenses against charges about keeping a gun in your vehicle include:

  • You do not own the alleged firearm: Anyone can leave objects in another person’s vehicle. If you were unaware of the firearm being in your possession (i.e., inside your vehicle), our criminal defense attorney may argue that you should not face charges because the gun does not belong to you, you did not steal the gun, and you were unaware that you had the gun in the first place.
  • You are not the owner of the vehicle:If you borrowed the vehicle in which the firearm was found, you may be able to argue that the gun was not in your possession to your knowledge.
  • You have a CCW permit and other valid licensure:If you have records of your CCW permit, your lawyer can present this evidence to the court to have your charges dismissed. If the prosecutor alleges that your driver’s license was suspended or revoked, we can provide records of your valid driver’s license or records that your license was recently reinstated.
  • You passed your sobriety test: If you face additional alcohol-related charges, we may work to dismiss them if we can prove your BAC was not higher than 0.08 percent or if your sobriety test was unlawful (e.g., the breathalyzer was not recalibrated).

Our legal team will use defenses that apply to your situation and the evidence we find.

Searching for a Gun Charge Defense Attorney in Las Vegas? Call Our Law Firm

If you or a loved one is facing gun-related charges in Las Vegas, a criminal defense attorney from De Castroverde Criminal & Immigration Lawyers can build your defense and fight to reduce or eliminate your charges. Whether you were wrongfully arrested for carrying a concealed weapon despite having a permit or you face being potentially convicted for other firearm offenses, our legal team is prepared to fight for your rights.

Call (702) 827-4891 today to speak with one of our team representatives in a free consultation. We will listen to the charges you’re facing and discuss your potential legal options. Should you decide to work with a Las Vegas firearm lawyer from our firm, we can send them to represent you immediately.