7 Things You’ve Never Done in Vegas Before

Most people who come to Las Vegas are looking for the bright lights of the Strip and casinos. But the city has a lot more to offer. From exploring some history to getting up close and personal with Nevada’s natural habitat, there’s no shortage of things to do away from the glitz and glamour. Here are a few ideas we have put together to help you see a lesser-known side of Las Vegas.

Learn About the City’s History

Image of Las Vegas from the red rocks.
Image via Flickr by Corey Leopold | CC by 2.0

You can visit several museums to know more about different aspects of Vegas’ history. One is the Neon Museum at 770 Las Vegas Boulevard North. This museum, located just north of the Strip, uses some of the city’s most iconic neon signs to take you through different periods in its history.

The museum has approximately 150 neon signs in its collection from as far back as the 1930s. You can either explore them yourself or take the one-hour guided tour to learn some fascinating facts about times past.

The Mob Museum at 300 Steward Avenue offers a look back at another part of the city’s history: organized crime. The museum includes artifacts from famous mobsters and gangs, plus documents and recollections from law enforcement engaged in combatting them.

Nevada’s deserts have been the scene of numerous atomic weapons tests over the years, and you can see this history commemorated at the National Atomic Testing Museum at 755 E. Flamingo Rd. Here you’ll learn about how nuclear testing is performed and get the chance to inspect a replica of the Control Point, where a countdown occurred before each atomic test.

Take a Trip to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area lets you explore the wilderness of the desert just outside Vegas. You may get a chance to see some of the local wildlife, including desert tortoises and big-horned sheep. You can drive or cycle the 13-mile-long scenic loop through the area or explore up to 20 walking trails throughout the Conservation Area. If you prefer a more relaxed outing, you can book a guided tour. A Jeep tour of the area is available, which can begin with a direct shuttle from your Vegas hotel.

Visit the Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam remains one of the most impressive engineering achievements almost a century after its construction. Designed to tame the Colorado River, the dam measures 726 feet high and 660 feet deep at its base. It’s just 30 miles southeast of Vegas, making it the ideal destination for a leisurely drive.

If you have a little more time, you can explore the Colorado River or Lake Mead by boat. Lake Mead is one of the largest human-made reservoirs in the country. Its creation was due to the Hoover Dam’s diversion of the Colorado River.

Take a Tour of the Grand Canyon

The world-famous Grand Canyon is just five hours out of Vegas by car. If you feel like getting out of the city for a day, you might struggle to find a better destination.

There are many spectacular ways to explore this worldwide icon. Airplane and helicopter tours from Las Vegas are on offer. These tours can include flyovers of the area, sunset tours, or the incredible experience of touching down on the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Drive in a Fast Car

If you want an alternative source of excitement to the blackjack table, why not check out one of Vegas’ car racing opportunities? At the Las Vegas Motor Speedway at 7000 Las Vegas Blvd. N., you can ride alongside a professional race driver at 140 mph. Alternatively, take control of the wheel yourself for the ultimate thrill.

Another option is Exotics Racing at 14200 S. Las Vegas Blvd., which offers you the chance to pilot a luxurious car. Ever felt like driving a Lamborghini or Ferrari at speeds of up to 130 mph? Well, now you can do just that. Exotics runs a 1.2-mile racetrack in Vegas that also features seven challenging turns.

Have Fun at First Friday

If you’d rather avoid the formality of a show for entertainment, First Friday could be just what you need. On the first Friday of each month, artists, musicians, and entertainers gather in downtown Vegas to perform music and show off their talents. The outdoor activities include food trucks, live music, and other fun things to do for all ages.

The things to see at First Friday change each month as new artists get involved. So, if you’re a Las Vegas resident, you may end up wanting to make it part of your regular recreation schedule.

Get Some Target Practice in at Battlefield Las Vegas

If you’re a gun enthusiast or enjoy the adrenaline of testing your skill with a weapon, Battlefield Vegas at 2771 Sammy Davis Jr. Drive is the place for you. They have an indoor shooting range and an outdoor range for high-powered guns, including sub-machine guns and automatic air rifles.

You can choose from a wide range of weaponry, from the type of firearms used in the trenches of World War I to more modern weaponry. The shooting guides are military veterans, so they can pass on their experience to show you how to use a weapon safely.

If you want to book a session, you can arrange a ride to Battlefield Vegas from your Las Vegas hotel in a Humvee pickup. Once you arrive, you can choose from various shooting packages to tailor your experience. For example, the shooting range offers a video game package where you can recreate your favorite gaming battle. Alternatively, the firearms experts at Battlefield Vegas can set up a historical situation for you to test your metal.

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So, that’s it! Our team here at De Castroverde Law Group used its local knowledge to give you some of the top things to do around here that don’t involve the Strip or a casino hall. Did we include one of your favorites? Is there something cool you like to do that we left off the list? Contact us to let us know your thoughts. If you have a tip for us, we’ll be delighted to add it to our next set of recommendations.