Las Vegas Nightclub Arrest Lawyer

Las Vegas nightlife often revolves around clubs, and thousands of people can visit a single nightclub in one weekend. Unfortunately, a well-deserved vacation can sometimes result in an arrest that requires the representation of a skilled Las Vegas criminal defense team. A Las Vegas nightclub arrest attorney at De Castroverde Law Group is very familiar with the circumstances that lead to club arrests, and we can protect your rights and interests if you were charged for a crime while enjoying such nightclubs as:

  • Tao
  • 10AK
  • Chateau
  • The Bank
  • Pure
  • Foundation Room
  • Rain
  • Gold Boutique Nightclub and Lounge
  • Lavo
  • VooDoo Lounge
  • Gallery
  • Moon
  • Surrender

Common Criminal Charges at Nightclubs in Las Vegas

Many of our Las Vegas clients’ charges come about after a night of drinking and partying with friends. We are prepared to defend you against such allegations as disorderly conduct or lewd conduct, and will seek to have the charges reduced or dropped entirely. In many cases, these charges are the result of an intoxicated fight or misunderstanding, and both parties are to blame.

If you were arrested for a drug-related offense, it is imperative that you call a Las Vegas nightclub arrest lawyer our firm as soon as possible. Prosecutors take drug crimes very serious, regardless of the circumstances of the arrest. These charges can result in harsh penalties if convicted, especially if the alleged crime involved such narcotics as cocaine or ecstasy. You will be arrested and charged if you are found using an illegal drug or substance in the nightclub or if you are found to be in possession of drugs.

Your charges may even be increased to include distribution or intent to sell if the arresting officer believes the amount of the illegal substance in your possession proves that the drug was meant for more than personal use. A nightclub arrest is more than a frustration or an inconvenience; conviction can have severe and damaging effects upon your career, freedoms, and even your future. Call a Las Vegas nightclub arrest attorney today at (702) 383-0606 to obtain the aggressive advocacy needed to challenge the charges. Our expertise goes beyond criminal defense as we have a team of immigration lawyers and Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers ready to assist you.