Las Vegas Auto Theft Lawyer

Auto theft is on the rise in Las Vegas and in many other major cities. If you are accused of this crime, you are in very serious legal trouble and need to contact a Las Vegas car theft attorney. While most people consider auto theft to be the illegal breaking and entering into a vehicle and then driving away with it, there are other circumstances which could lead to charges related to auto theft. Failing to return a rental car, the unauthorized use of a company vehicle that was entrusted to you for business purposes, taking a friend or family member’s vehicle without his or her permission, and numerous other scenarios could leave you facing felony auto theft charges.

Law enforcement officers waste no time in locating auto theft suspects and prosecutors are quick to see that those charged with auto theft or other theft crimes are convicted. It is extremely important to have a skilled criminal defense attorney represent your case if you are facing this charge. A Las Vegas car theft lawyer from our firm will be able to review the specifics of your case, analyze the details, and craft an aggressive strategy for your defense.

Las Vegas Auto Theft Attorney

An arrest for auto theft can be a very humbling and terrifying experience. A Las Vegas criminal defense attorney at De Castroverde Law Group understands your concerns. We also understand the negative impact such charges can have on your family, your career and your future. Our lawyers are skilled in all aspects of criminal defense and we have extensive experience representing clients a range of theft crimes, including auto theft. We know how important your freedom is to you, and we will fight hard to achieve the best possible outcome in your case.

Contact our firm today for a full case review. You may have an excellent change at avoiding conviction.