Las Vegas Pre-File Investigations Attorney

In some cases, when a crime has been committed, there is no immediate arrest. A person may even be suspected of committing the crime, but if the prosecutor has insufficient evidence to convict, an investigation will be ongoing to gain the supporting evidence that could lead to a conviction. The suspect will only be arrested after the prosecution feels it can reasonably bring formal charges, based upon what was found in the investigation. If you are currently in the situation, a Las Vegas pre-file investigations attorney can help you build a strong defense case. This period of time encompassing an investigation prior to charges being filed is called a pre-file investigation. If you are under investigation for a misdemeanor or felony crime, it is imperative that you retain the counsel of a skilled Las Vegas criminal attorney to ensure your rights are protected. An experienced lawyer at De Castroverde Law Group could take action to help you seek to avoid being charged at all.

What takes place in a pre-trial investigation?

During the pre-trial investigation, a law enforcement agency will locate and question any witnesses they can, examine and evaluate evidence, and look into your prior criminal record, if you have one. The prosecution is trying to build a case against you, and when it appears that there is enough of a case in place, you will be arrested and charged. They will also attempt to get you to admit to committing the crime, and during these interviews, the police are allowed to lie to you. If you are protected by a Las Vegas pre-file investigations lawyer from our firm during this this time, you are far safer.

Talking to the police – even if you are innocent – is very dangerous. Your words could be twisted, and there are various interrogation techniques that are employed that put an accused person under great duress. The sooner you retain defense counsel, the better. Never agree to an interview without first retaining a Las Vegas pre-file investigations attorney that has a great deal of experience in protecting the rights of those who are under investigation in a criminal case.

Are you under investigation in Clark County, NV?

At De Castroverde Law Group, our entire team is committed to protecting clients who are the target in criminal investigations. We have extensive resources to call upon, including independent investigators, scientific experts and others that could be beneficial at this point in the process. Our dedicated commitment to our clients is reflected in our many favorable verdicts in criminal court. Contact a Las Vegas pre-file investigations attorney if you are under investigation. Exercise your right to remain silent. Your future freedom could depend upon the skill with which we handle the matter.