Las Vegas Underage DUI Lawyer

State lawmakers have determined that those who are caught drunk driving while underage will have specific penalties enforced in order to deter young drivers from drinking and then driving. As an adult, the limit on alcohol concentration is .08%. For drivers under the age of 21, the limit is .02%. The breathalyzer testing equipment itself has an inherent percentage of error that can lead to an arrest when the individual has consumed absolutely no alcohol. When convicted, the underage driver will face the loss of their license for up to 60 days or until they reach the age of 21 – whichever is longer. It becomes an urgent matter to contact a Las Vegas criminal lawyer in order to fight to reduce the consequences of the case.

Contesting Underage DUI Charges

It is critical to act quickly if you or your child has been charged with this offense. It can have a detrimental effect on future employment, and admission to colleges and create havoc on their ability to get to school, work, or other destinations through the loss of their license. In many cases, the underage driver was not exhibiting any signs of intoxication in their driving. Nonetheless, they are facing the court and may suffer serious consequences if convicted.

Officer pulling over driver under suspicion of DUI

Acting quickly can lead to a better outcome in the case. The legal team at De Castroverde Law Group can review the situation and advise you on how the case will be defended. There are frequently excellent opportunities to defend such charges but fast action is important.

Many college students and other young people drink beer or other alcoholic drinks – many of us may have done so when we were younger. Extreme punishment has not proven to be effective, and often the young driver has learned their lesson long before they go to court. Protecting young people from the damage that can result from an underage DUI conviction is an important matter.

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