DMV Hearings in Las Vegas, Nevada

A DUI charge includes an automatic suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. This is a separate matter that must be addressed in a DMV hearing. The hearing must be scheduled quickly after your arrest, or you could lose the opportunity to challenge the suspension of your license. The length of time that the DMV suspends or revokes your legal right to drive will be based upon several factors, including the BAC level, and whether you have a prior conviction for DUI on your criminal record. There are many cases that can be successfully challenged at the DMV hearing, allowing you to retain your license. A Las Vegas DMV hearing attorney has expert experience with all of these and can help build your case

What happens at a DMV hearing?

As in any other court, witnesses testify while under oath, and can be cross-examined. Physical evidence can be presented as part of the case. The judges that make decisions in DMV hearings are required to be impartial in their decisions. One of the points that will be reviewed is whether there was probable cause to stop the driver for suspicion of DUI. Under the constitution of the United States, you are protected from being stopped or arrested without probable cause.

There are many cases in which there was not enough probable cause – and if this took place in your case, you may have the opportunity to avoid the suspension of your license. This matter will also be addressed in your criminal case, and at our firm, our Las Vegas DMV hearing attorney will manage not only the DMV hearing, but defend you in the criminal case.

You need a Las Vegas DMV Hearing Attorney to protect your driver’s license!

If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI offense, our skilled Las Vegas DUI defense lawyers at De Castroverde Law Group, we can manage all aspects of your case, including the criminal case, which will be addressed in court, and the DMV hearing regarding the suspension or revocation of your driver’s license. We understand what evidence must be brought to the hearing that could allow you to avoid license suspension, and how to present this evidence at the hearing.

The Office of Administrative Hearings is a type of court. This is the court of jurisdiction for matters related to license suspension or revocation. You have the right to be represented by a Las Vegas DMV hearing attorney. Unfavorable verdicts at a DMV hearing also can be appealed. We do it all – and we do it well. Contact us today.