Las Vegas Prescription Fraud Attorney

Prescription fraud is a growing segment of crime and abuse. Some forms of prescription drug crime include crimes such as forging prescriptions, changing the drug quantity or type in a prescription, using a family member’s prescription, acquiring prescriptions from multiple doctors and clinics and illegally obtaining drugs through internet pharmacies (doctor shopping). Subsequently, a Las Vegas prescription fraud lawyer knows the consequences of conviction are very serious. There are many ways of violating the law governing controlled substances. Being in possession of a prescription drug that was not dispensed to you is a Class C felony in Nevada. If convicted you could face between 1 to 5 years incarceration in a state facility and a fine of up to $10,000.

Often this kind of drug abuse follows an accident or medical condition which caused ongoing constant pain. Medical doctors are aware of the highly addictive properties of drugs such as oxycodone and will stop prescribing them when they suspect dependency. The court recognizes the challenge of dealing with chronic pain, and that law abiding citizens are commonly the victims of this kind of dependency.

At De Castroverde Law Group, a Las Vegas prescription fraud lawyer will utilize this information to help you seek to avoid jail or fines, and may be able to arrange for accused drug users to enter into a drug dependency program as an alternative to incarceration. Learn more: What is Prescription Fraud?

Defending Prescription Fraud Charges in Las Vegas

Nevada law enforcement reports that street gangs now play a significant role in the distribution of pharmaceutical drugs. Due to this growing trend, law enforcement has been aggressively enforcing prescription fraud laws. If you have been arrested for prescription fraud, you will need the services of a skilled Las Vegas drug crime defense attorney.

De Castroverde Law Group has defended numerous people charged with drug crimes, from misdemeanor to felony. A Las Vegas prescription fraud attorney understands the law and the possible viable defense strategies that could be successful in court. Contact us to arrange an initial appointment so that we can begin assembling the facts and crafting a case for your defense.