Las Vegas Marijuana Possession Lawyer

A Las Vegas marijuana possession attorney knows the various circumstances that may result in a defendant facing marijuana possession charges. There is the standard drug possession charge resulting from a certain amount of marijuana being found on your person, in your car, in your house or anywhere on your property. If marijuana is found in your system during a drug test or after an arrest for suspected DUI (driving under the influence) the prosecuting attorney may consider filing marijuana possession charges against you because they assume you have been in possession of marijuana. After all, they may argue, you exercise control over your body, so wouldn’t marijuana possession laws apply?

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Penalties for Marijuana Possession in Nevada

Possession of more than one ounce of marijuana is considered an immediate felony offense in Las Vegas, meaning you may be in danger of facing such harsh penalties as 1 to 4 years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000. If this is your first offense, it may be possible to be granted probation and drug rehabilitation in lieu of imprisonment, but this will vary on a case by case basis.

Penalties for possession of less than an ounce of marijuana are not as severe, however, and include:

First Offense (Misdemeanor)

  • $600 fine
  • Rehabilitative drug treatment

Second Offense (Misdemeanor)

  • $1,000 fine
  • Rehabilitative drug treatment

Third Offense (Gross Misdemeanor)

  • $2,000 fine
  • 1 year in jail

Fourth & Subsequent Offenses (Category E Felony)

  • $5,000 fine
  • 1-4 years in state prison

Arrested in Las Vegas for on marijuana charges?

Have you been arrested or are you facing marijuana possession charges? Depending on the amount that was allegedly in your possession and any prior convictions for marijuana possession, you may face misdemeanor or felony charges. Under the law, possession charges can be waged against an individual in lieu of the discovery of marijuana within the confines of their personal property, as well, including their home, vehicle or any other property that they have authority over.

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