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Domestic violence is any form of physical, emotional, sexual, or financial abuse toward a member of one’s own household. According to NRS § 200.5091 – NRS § 200.50995, elder abuse is any purposeful action that results in physical or mental pain or injury. It could also refer to depriving the elderly of food or shelter or exploiting them for money.

If the person responsible for taking care of them attempts to manipulate or force them into changing their will, they could be guilty of elder abuse. If you are facing these charges, our Las Vegas elder abuse defense lawyer at De Castroverde Criminal & Immigration Lawyers can help you build a solid defense strategy.

Forced Isolation Is a Form of Elder Abuse in Nevada

Isolation refers to preventing the older person from receiving visitors, mail, or telephone calls. If someone is convicted of elder abuse as a first offense, they will be found guilty of a gross misdemeanor. If it is their second conviction of elder abuse or a similar crime, they will be charged with a Category B felony and serve a prison term of between two and six years.

Penalty Ranges for Elder Abuse in Las Vegas

NRS § 200.5099 describes the penalties you might face if convicted of elder abuse and any related crimes. To ensure you understand all possible penalties, we will explain all:

  • Penalties of confinement
  • Financial penalties and fees

We will also explain possible sentence enhancements you might face. Nevada is serious about protecting its elderly citizens from abuse and neglect. In Nevada, an individual is an “older person” if they are age 60 or older, per NRS § 200.5092. State law also requires designated people to report elder abuse within 24 hours if they think someone is being abused. These individuals, called mandated reporters, include people in many professions, including:

  • Law enforcement authorities
  • Health care professionals and medical personnel
  • Social workers
  • Psychologists, therapists, and counselors.
  • Medical examiners and coroners
  • Funeral home professionals
  • Nursing home employees

State Law Requires Certain People to Report Suspected Elder Abuse

With such a wide range of people who the law requires to report abuse, it means flagging abuse is easier and keeps more people safe. But unfortunately, it also means abuse allegations can come from almost anyone who may be mistaken.

We can track down where the report of abuse came from and help you build a case to defend against the accusations the report contains. When you are up against charges like these, our criminal defense law firm will help you protect your future and good name.

The Social and Societal Impact of Conviction

In addition to the criminal aspects of being charged with or convicted of abusing an elderly person, you could also face consequences outside the courtroom. These include:

  • Forced separation from the alleged victim and other family members
  • Damage to your personal, professional, and social life

If you work in a field that requires you to care for or encounter older people, an arrest, conviction, or both could damage your employment or career. Our Nevada criminal defense lawyer can help you minimize the damage you face and start putting your life and family back together.

Possible Defense to Elder Abuse Charges in Nevada

Charges of elder abuse are challenging – but not impossible – to defend. Our Las Vegas criminal defense attorney will not judge. Instead, they will listen to your version of events with compassion and ask questions to learn more about what happened from your perspective.

We will also explain the possible defense options you have available, including:

  • The allegations against you are untrue
  • The circumstances have been exaggerated
  • You were defending a third party
  • The alleged victim did not sustain injuries
  • The injuries suffered resulted from an accident

You do not have to defend yourself without support or face the legal ramifications of charges like these on your own. Your good name and reputation in your family and community are worth protecting and fighting for. Our elder abuse defense attorney in Las Vegas will ensure your side of the story receives consideration.

We Will Seek to Clear Your Name of Elder Abuse Charges

If you have been accused of elder abuse, will do everything we can to defend you against these charges. We understand what is at stake if the accusations in your case lead to a conviction on your record.

We will gather evidence to show that the elder abuse either did not occur or was not the result of what someone reported. We can seek to include statements from witnesses who can attest to what they saw, or we may be able to retrieve surveillance camera footage that shows what happened at the time of the incident.

We can also collect timecards from your job, call logs, sign-in sheets at a senior nursing care facility or another kind of facility, and other documents that can prove your whereabouts and what you were doing when the alleged abuse took place. We will do everything we can to help you put the allegations behind you.

Choose Skilled Representation

With over 40 years of combined criminal defense experience, the legal team at De Castroverde Criminal & Immigration Lawyers has been defending the rights of people throughout Nevada for years.

If you have been accused of any domestic violence charge in Las Vegas, it is strongly recommended that the first step you take is to speak with one of our seasoned Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys from our firm. As this crime can result in very serious penalties, it is important to have a strong legal advocate on your side.

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