Consequences of Domestic Violence Conviction in Las Vegas

Las Vegas or “Sin City” is alluring to countless visitors every year for the chance to let loose and enjoy the night life. This, however, is one of the reasons that someone might find themselves facing serious criminal charges, like a DUI or disorderly conduct. Las Vegas domestic violence consequences start with the criminal penalties and extend far beyond that.

Penalties for Domestic Violence in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas criminal penalties of these crimes may vary dramatically in type and severity depending on the offense for which a defendant has been convicted. For example, misdemeanor charges will carry fewer penalties than a conviction of a felony offense, but the defendant’s past criminal history, if any, can also affect potential sentencing.

The following are the types of Las Vegas criminal penalties that may be enforced throughout Nevada, based on the offense:

First Domestic Violence Offense (Misdemeanor):

  • 2 days to 6 months in county jail
  • 48 to 120 hours of community service
  • Fine of $200 to $1,000

Second Domestic Violence Offense Within 7 Years (Misdemeanor):

  • 10 days to 6 months in county jail
  • 100 to 200 hours of community service
  • Fine of $500 to $1,000

Third Domestic Violence Offense Within 7 Years (Felony):

  • 1 to 5 years in state prison
  • Fine of up to $10,000

Other penalties associated with domestic violence include:

  • Imprisonment in county jail or a state correctional facility
  • House arrest
  • Community service
  • Fines and court fees
  • Court-ordered restitution
  • Driver’s license suspension or revocation
  • Mandatory counseling or rehabilitation
  • Sex offender registration (for sex crimes)

Imprisonment in Las Vegas is one of the most well-known and serious forms of punishment the court may enforce. Depending on the case, a defendant may face anywhere from one day in county jail to life in prison. A primary factor that will affect sentencing is whether the crime is classified as a misdemeanor, a gross misdemeanor, or a felony. A Las Vegas misdemeanor is a lesser offense, punishable by up to six months in county jail and a $1,000 fine, while a gross misdemeanor offense may result in up to one year in jail and a $2,000 fine. A conviction of a felony offense may be punishable by anywhere from one year to life in state prison, however.

Misdemeanor offenses in Las Vegas may include charges of trespassing, traffic violations, solicitation of a prostitute, driving under the influence (DUI), etc., while gross misdemeanor charges account for slightly more serious offenses. Open lewdness, indecent exposure, and subsequent offenses of marijuana possession are all considered to be gross misdemeanors. Felonies, however, are the most serious type of offense, including acts of robberysexual assault, kidnapping, etc., and will result in serious legal consequences if found guilty of any of these charges.

Additional Las Vegas Domestic Violence Consequences

Upon a conviction for batterychild abuse, kidnapping, stalking or any other offense related to domestic violence, you may face a variety of repercussions in addition to penalties like imprisonment and fines. You may lose your job and may face difficulty finding employment in the future due to the conviction on your record.

You may face a restraining order that prohibits you from coming into contact with the alleged victim. You may even face a loss of child custody or visitation rights, depending on the situation. If convicted, you may lose your right to own a firearm. Your reputation and career may seriously suffer, never to fully recover. If you currently hold a professional license, you may be in danger of losing it.

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