Las Vegas Domestic Violence Charges Cannot Be Dropped

One may assume that if an alleged victim of domestic violence recants his or her allegations or wishes to drop Las Vegas domestic violence charges that the District Attorney’s Office would stop prosecuting the case. In some situations, the prosecuting attorney may drop the charges, but they have no obligation to do so and may continue with a case on the suspicion that the alleged victim actually did suffer injury from domestic violence. Pressing charges for domestic violence in Nevada lies in the prosecuting attorney’s hands, not the alleged victim’s.

Prosecuting Domestic Abuse Charges

A prosecuting attorney may continue to press charges and move forward with a criminal case against a defendant even when a victim wishes to drop Las Vegas domestic violence charges. The attorney may do so because he or she believes:

  • The victim is too afraid to move forward with a case;
  • The defendant is the bread winner in the family and they cannot afford to have them in jail;
  • They are embarrassed about the social stigma associated with being a domestic violence victim; or
  • The victim fears retaliation from the defendant or another family member.

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Make sure you have the support and defense counsel you need if you have been accused of harming a spouse, ex-spouse, or family member. These charges are very serious, and there are many reasons retaining the legal counsel of an experienced Las Vegas domestic violence attorney is so important.

You cannot afford to risk going to jail and facing other serious penalties because of false allegations or a situation where an accident or act of self-defense resulted in domestic violence charges. A lawyer can step in and begin working to protect your Constitutional rights, negotiating with the prosecution and working to provide evidence or information that supports the alleged victim’s desire that charges be dropped.

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