Las Vegas Bench Warrants Defense Attorney

If you fail to appear for a court date, pay a fine, or perform community service or counseling ordered by the court, the judge can issue a warrant for your immediate arrest. Such actions put you in contempt of court, and a bench warrant can be issued by the judge, which gives local and state law enforcement agencies the authority to arrest you at any time to bring you in and charge you. If this applies you, call a Las Vegas bench warrant defense lawyer at De Castroverde Law Group right now.

A bench warrant is issued by the court and authorizes Nevada law enforcement to arrest you and bring you to court to face your charges if you have failed to adhere to any court-ordered mandate. A bench warrant is similar to an arrest warrant in that it authorizes law enforcement to detain an individual on bail, but they are different in that a bench warrant is issued by a judge during the scope of a criminal case and an arrest warrant is requested by a law enforcement agency to initiate the criminal process.

A Las Vegas warrant may be issued by a judge in the instance that an individual fails to show up to any type of court proceeding—including arraignment, sentencing, trial date, etc.—fails to pay a fine, and/or fails to follow through with any type of court order—including community service hours, mandated counseling or treatment, etc. The warrant remains active until the matter is resolved, so simply attempting to evade arrest will not make the issue go away.

When the subject of the bench warrant is eventually detained, they may face serious penalties, including:

  • 25 days in jail
  • $500 fine
  • Payment of incurred fees
  • Suspended driver’s license

Need help with a bench warrant? Call a Las Vegas bench warrant defense lawyer

De Castroverde Law Group has represented many clients in bench warrant cases, and we can fight for you if you are in contempt of court in Clark County. These charges can lead to serious consequences, which is why you cannot hesitate to retain the counsel of a knowledgeable Las Vegas criminal defense attorney from our team to ensure your rights are protected.

If a bench warrant has been issued for you, do not wait until you are arrested; contact a Las Vegas bench warrant defense lawyer at our firm today to take control of the situation with a relentless legal advocate on your side!