Las Vegas Assault Defense Lawyer

Many people mistakenly believe assault and battery to be a singular charge; in reality, these are two separate offenses that commonly occur in the same incident. These separate charges are often prosecuted in one criminal case, and the defendant may face harsh penalties for both offenses. Las Vegas assault defense lawyer at De Castroverde Law Group has the expertise to help out someone who has been charged for either crime.

You could be charged with assault in Nevada if the prosecutor believes they have evidence that proves you attempted to use unlawful physical force against the alleged victim, or if you intentionally made the victim fear that they were at risk of immediate bodily harm.

Penalties of Assault Conviction in Nevada

The two charges are very different, as an assault charge may be waged against someone who has not yet inflicted bodily harm on another, but rather made them feel as if they were in eminent danger. Due to this, assault charges encompass a wide range of criminal actions, including verbal threats, unwanted sexual advances, making threats with the use of a weapon, etc. If a person is charged strictly with assault, they may face serious criminal penalties, including:

Assault without the use of a deadly weapon (misdemeanor):

  • Six months in jail
  • Community service in place of jail time
  • $1,000 fine

Assault with the use of a deadly weapon (class B felony):

  • One to six years in jail
  • $5,000 fine

Assault against a protected class (gross misdemeanor):

  • One year in jail
  • $2,000 fine

LVPD officers will not hesitate to arrest an individual who is accused of committing assault. The prosecution and investigators will do all they can to find evidence against the Las Vegas defendant and will search tirelessly for witnesses who will corroborate the victim’s story. Charges of assault can be filed for even minor offenses in Las Vegas, so it is very important to enlist an aggressive advocate who will fight for your rights and protect your interests throughout your trial.

Need a Las Vegas Assault Defense Lawyer?

De Castroverde Law Group is dedicated to providing the people of Las Vegas with effective and relentless defense against criminal charges, and we will ensure you receive the powerful legal voice you deserve. Your Las Vegas assault defense lawyercan have a strong impact upon your case and your potential penalties, so why would you trust your case to a disinterested public defender?

Since 1987, our family has been representing clients in Nevada courtrooms, fighting tirelessly to protect their interests and futures. We are a family of Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys that treat each client as though he or she were a member of our family too, and we can provide you with the aggressive advocacy you need to challenge allegations of assault. Contact us today to discuss your defense options.

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