When I think of my family, I think of courage and tradition. Before Fidel Castro’s dictatorship, my father’s father was an attorney in Havana, Cuba. As a young man, my dad served in the Bay of Pigs as a paratrooper to overthrow Fidel Castro. His efforts to restore democracy in Cuba and what he accomplished later here in the United States inspire me every day. Eventually, my dad moved to the United States and enrolled in law school. He attended law school at night while working as a blackjack dealer in a Reno, Nevada casino while raising his four children. After receiving his license to practice law in 1989, my dad opened a small law office devoted to helping people in need.

I am proud to keep my dad’s legacy alongside my brother, Orlando. I have been an attorney for almost 20 years and strive to grow what my dad started every day. He showed us through his actions that it was a privilege to practice law and be in a position to help people. He was always genuinely lovely to his clients and treated each of them like they were family. We learned a sense of justice and the joy that comes with helping clients through my dad’s actions.

Although we miss our dad dearly, we are lucky today to continue doing what he loved to do. And we have surrounded ourselves with other lawyers who are exceptional at what they do and who share the same passion for helping people in need. This has allowed us to attract similarly-minded legal assistants and staff. I enjoy coming to work each day because we are surrounded by attorneys and staff who want what they are doing and strive each day to be better than they were yesterday.

We understand that we have this privilege due to all the generosity and confidence our clients have shown to us. Without our clients, none of this would be possible. So our mission is to continue our dad’s tradition by caring for and treating each of our clients like they are a member of our family. We do this while also providing exceptional and dedicated legal service. We enjoy fighting for our clients and doing what is necessary to get them the best possible result – because this is what you do for your family.

I am blessed with a beautiful wife of seven years and three precious daughters. I enjoy going to the gym and playing tennis. Thanks to our law firm, incredible team, and clients, I can make all this possible.