Las Vegas Sex Crimes Attorney

Sex crimes are extremely serious offenses and should not be handled lightly by anyone involved. Because sex crimes can be very damaging to society, and because the consequences of being convicted of a sex crime are so serious, it is absolutely imperative that these cases are handled with sensitivity, thoroughness, and care so that the right outcome prevails. At De Castroverde Law Group, a Las Vegas sex crimes lawyer believes every sex crime should be investigated carefully and that every person charged with a sex crime should know his or her rights and receive a fair trial. We are dedicated to making certain that every person accused of a crime, including sex crimes, have skilled legal representation and the opportunity to have their side of the story told.

Las Vegas & Clark County Sex Crimes

There are many different types of sex crimes that take on many different forms. In Clark County and Las Vegas, some types of sex crimes are more common than others due to the culture of the city and the presence of the Strip. For example, illegal prostitution and solicitation are more common in Las Vegas than in many other cities, while sex crimes related to patrons of bars, nightclubs, and casinos are also more common than in other areas.

De Castroverde has assisted clients with the following sex crime charges:

It is imperative that you speak to one of our experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorneys as soon as possible after being charged with one of the above sex crimes. Las Vegas sex crimes lawyer can help you truly understand the charges and your options, including fighting the charges, getting a reduced sentence, or going to trial.

The Consequences of Sex Crime Convictions

The consequences of a sex crime conviction depend heavily on the crime and the details surrounding the crime. For example, prostitution and solicitation are considered misdemeanors in Nevada and result in fines, a mark on your record, and up to six months in prison. Sexual assault by a repeat offender, on the other hand, could result in life in prison without parole.

Those convicted of a sex crime in Nevada will need to register as a sex offender. While those who have been convicted of misdemeanors and those who have a low risk of reoffending will not have their personal information publically listed, those who have committed felonies and those with a high risk of reoffending will have their name and address released to the public. Sex offenders are required to alert officials when they change their home address or employment address.

Conviction of a sex crime may also lead to a mark on your record that may make it more difficult to find some types of employment. Being a registered sex offender can also affect where you can travel and where you can live.

Not registering as a sex offender when you change locations can also have serious consequences, including heavy fines and prison time.

Nevada Sex Crime Legal Defense

Far too many people accused of sex crimes don’t fight for their rights simply because they feel overwhelmed or embarrassed. We want you to know that you likely have a number of legal options and that a skilled defense attorney in Las Vegas could help you better understand your case and your best avenues for action.

We have over forty years of combined legal experience. Contact us today to find out more about our legal services, to ask a question about your case, or to speak with an experienced Las Vegas sex crimes lawyer.