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Indecent Exposure Laws – NRS 201.220

It is considered a crime to expose yourself in an open, indecent or obscene manner, and indecent exposure is punishable as a gross misdemeanor, and you can face serious penalties if you don’t hire a Las Vegas indecent exposure attorney. With a reputation as a hot spot for partiers nationwide, it is easy to get carried away in Las Vegas. Whether just by getting swept up in the moment or by the influence of substances such as alcohol, it is far too easy to find yourself in a situation where things get carried away. Unfortunately, despite the reputation as the host of a party city, Nevada has extremely strict laws and punishes those who transgress them severely.

As a result, flashers and streakers are committing a criminal act that can actually be punished with penalties such as imprisonment in a county jail, no matter how carefree and harmless they feel. For this reason, it is imperative that you do not hesitate to secure the legal defense of a skilled criminal attorney. By working with an experienced Las Vegas indecent exposure attorney, you can take the necessary steps towards defending yourself against these damaging charges.

Indecent Exposure Penalties in Nevada

A large percentage of the indecent exposure arrests in Las Vegas involve partiers, clubbers, patrons of adult bookstores, and individuals who hook up in bathrooms or parties. This charge is frequently combined with lewd conduct, which can increase the penalties significantly. The penalties for indecent exposure in Nevada are outlined under Nevada Revised Statutes §201.220, which categorizes the crime as a gross misdemeanor. This means that a conviction for indecent exposure can lead to up to one year in county jail.

Upon a second offense, indecent exposure becomes a category D felony that can carry up to four years of prison time. The worst consequence of an indecent exposure conviction is that the conviction becomes part of a criminal record. Once you have a criminal record, seeking a new job or securing certain licenses can become more difficult in the future because of thorough background checks. With the help of a talented Las Vegas indecent exposure attorney, it may be possible to work out a diversion program to have the indecent exposure charges reduced altogether.

Experienced Las Vegas Indecent Exposure Attorneys

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