Las Vegas Prostitution & Solicitation Attorney

Prostitution and solicitation are illegal in Las Vegas, yet charges are filed for these offenses every day. The police waste no time in enforcing the law, so if you face these charges call a Las Vegas prostitution lawyer immediately. They not only arrest people they believe are engaged in prostitution, they also set up sting situations to trap people into agreeing to buy sexual favors. Because There are cases in which unsuspecting individuals could be entrapped into committing the crime, which may be the basis for a good defense.

If you have been arrested for prostitution or solicitation, a criminal defense lawyer from De Castroverde Law Group is ready to move into action. If your rights have been violated, or you are in fact innocent, an experienced Las Vegas prostitution lawyer stands between you and a conviction. The criminal penalties can be harsh, including jail, fines, probation, and in some serious cases (minors), the requirement for sex offender registration that will haunt you forever.

Arrested for prostitution or solicitation in Clark County?

A typical prostitution sting operation in Las Vegas often involves a female police officer who is scantily dressed in order to lure in an unsuspecting person who is then convinced to exchange money for a sexual act. A thorough investigation of the incident, including interviewing witnesses and reviewing the police report, will help determine whether or not you were the victim of entrapment. If this point can be established, your rights were likely violated. Or you may be innocent and have a very different story of exactly what happened. We are only interested in your side of the story, and we are ready to help you fight back.

You don’t want to take chances with the criminal justice system. By hiring a criminal lawyer, you are maximizing the potential for a positive outcome after a prostitution or solicitation arrest. At De Castroverde Law Group, we aggressively challenge these charges and work diligently to achieve a positive verdict, reduced charges or a full case dismissal. You need highly qualified legal representation in Las Vegas. Call our firm at (702) 383-0606 – this is not the time to have anyone but the most aggressive defender on your side. We are ready to go to work for you, so contact us today.